Can a Spine Specialist in Hollywood, FL Relieve My Back Pain?

Millions of Americans are walking around every day with persistent and serious back pain. For many, this pain can become unbearable. Back pain usually starts at the spinal cord, in which case a spine specialist is needed. At Florida Pain Center, we are here to help those that suffer from spine and back pain with non-surgical solutions. No one should have to deal with ongoing back pain, that’s why the team as Florida Pain Center is here to explain how they can increase the quality of your life. 

Spinal cord problems can cause horrendous pain which can develop at any time during one’s life. Any one can be affected by the condition, young or old, man or woman. The affliction knows no discretion. At Florida Pain Center, we are here to turn the tables and allow you to reclaim your life and be pain free. We can address and find solutions to a wide variety of spinal issues including:

  • Constant ache and pains 
  • Shoulder pain 
  • Neck Pain 
  • Back Pain 
  • Pain that comes and goes 
  • Pain that shoots towards the feet 
  • Pain from sleeping 

There is a multitude of reasons that can cause back and spinal pain. A pinched nerve for example is quite a common issue that we come across with our patients. Herniated discs are another common issue. Whatever the problem is, that is for us to diagnosis as well as find a solution. You can rest assured knowing that you are in the best of care, and we will do everything we can to get to the root cause of your pain as well as find a permeant solution to ensure it does not come back. If you are located in Hollywood and are dealing with back pain, call Florida Pain Center today at (954) 447-5206!

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Professional & Compassionate Deerfield Beach Pain Center

How a Deerfield Beach Pain Center is Helping Florida Residents 

Aches and pains are something many Americans suffer from, but there comes the point where those aches are too stifling to deal with. There are harmful pharmaceutical options, but with research and studies, most people understand how damaging they can be. Surgery is also an option, but the procedures are incredibly invasive and leave lengthy downtimes. That’s why Florida residents are trying the Florida Pain Center. Our Deerfield Beach pain center is designed to provide high-quality pain management services, without the invasive component.

Services from a Deerfield Beach Pain Center 

Our primary focuses are neck pain, back pain, spinal pain, injuries, and disc complications. We have a plethora of healing techniques that are non-invasive, quick procedures, and highly effective. For example, we offer trigger point injections for those who have out of the usual knots. Those kinks in our backs can make it difficult for us to function. However, the trigger point injections allow those tensed balls of tissue to relax, so that you can relax too.

We also offer other forms of treatment including platelet-rich plasma therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy takes cells from your body and re-injects them into damaged areas that need repairing. Because the body is a natural healer, the experts at Florida Pain Center believe that it should be used to heal itself! Why use harmful medicines and procedures if you don’t have to? Some treatments only take ten minutes! If you’re looking to dive deeper into your body’s pain, you can request a Spectracell Nutritional test.

As you can see, there are numerous pathways when you choose the Florida Pain Center. Whatever your needs, our double board-certified team can help you reach the goals you desire. Pain doesn’t have to be your life’s story. Instead, you can experience what life can be like with comfort and ease! If you’re ready to experience a healthier way to heal, call our Deerfield Beach pain center. Call (954) 447-5206 today to schedule your first appointment!

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Tips on Preventing Disc-Related Injuries from a Pompano Beach Pain Center 

Disc injuries are common in the United States, especially as there are multiple reasons they can occur. While some disc injuries are non-preventable, there are a few ways to maintain a healthier lower back. In this blog, we’ll discuss a handful of ways to keep your discs in good shape. At the Florida Pain Center, your preferable Pompano Beach pain center, we work to offer preventative tips, and non-invasive repairs.  

1. A Pompano Beach Pain Center Recommends Lifting Appropriately 

The first thing we recommend at the Florida Pain Center is lifting appropriately if you are a fitness guru. We know that working out can be exhilarating, as can reaching a new goal. However, in order to maintain lower back health, bend your knees while keeping your core firm and your back straight. Lifting with the back is what causes many of the fitness-related disc injuries.  

 2. Work Out Regularly 

After discussing the dangers of certain fitness moves, it is essential to keep your weight leveled. By monitoring your overall health, you’re keeping the unnecessary weight off of your lower back. Working out also increases your core strength, which in turn helps to keep your posture in check.  

 3. Practice Good Sleeping Positions 

Most individuals don’t realize the importance of a good sleep posture. Lying on the stomach is not recommended, as it places a lot of pressure on the back. However, sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs helps to balance everything out.  

 4. Odds and Ends 

Other tips include avoiding high-heels, stretching often, reducing cigarette use or quitting altogether, and eating a balanced meal. If you can combine many of these tips together, you’ll dwindle your chances of needing a pain specialist.  

If you’ve found that your discs are already suffering, visit us today at the Florida Pain Center and see how we can help you heal. We offer double-board certified professionalism, alongside non-invasive treatment options. Whether it’s disc related, stress-related, or work-related, we’re sure that we can bring you the peace you’ve been looking for. Call us today at (954) 447-5206 and see how we can help you flourish. Pain isn’t for anyone, and it certainly doesn’t have to be part of your life.

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Professional and Caring Aventura Pain Center

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Non-Invasive Aventura Pain Center 

Pain is a frustrating thing to have; however, thousands of Americans suffer from pain every day. It has become something that many individuals consider part of life. What they don’t know is that aches aren’t natural. Whenever the body rebels with these warning signs, it’s a way of letting the person know that something isn’t right. If your body has been sending out strong warning signals, perhaps it’s time to start listening. There are multiple ways to handle pain management, but few are effective and safe. While there are chemicals, serums, surgical procedures, and more, there are few more natural than those of a non-invasive Aventura pain center.  

3 Benefits of Choosing the Florida Pain Center as Your Aventura Pain Center 

The primary reason to choose the Florida Pain Center is that we offer non-invasive options to heal the source of your pain. While you can take a prescription or have an invasive surgery, the natural approach is usually better. With that being said, it’s important to note that some injuries and pain situations do require surgical assistance. However, other issues can be fixed with a half-hour procedure! At the Florida Pain Center, most of our treatments are outpatient based, and our timeframes are minimal.  

Another reason to choose the Florida Pain Center is that we don’t want our clients to have any downtime. This means that the most downtime you’ll be looking at with our team is your drive home. We may ask you to bring an extra driver, just to ensure that you get home safely after your procedure. You won’t have to wait days or weeks to get back to work in order to feel better. You can still carry on with your career, while experiencing a pain-free life!  

Last, but certainly not least, the experts at the Florida Pain Center are all double-board certified and highly trained. When you visit our offices, you won’t be dealing with anyone less than professional. We have a plethora of treatments including IDET therapy, Trigger Point Injections, disc treatments, and so much more. When you choose our team as your Aventura pain center, you’re making an excellent decision. For a non-invasive and effective experience, call the Florida Pain Center today at (954) 447-5206!

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Competitive and Qualified Miami Gardens Pain Center

Where to Find a Miami Gardens Pain Center 

When you’re looking for a Miami Gardens pain center, you want to know that you can find a team that will investigate every possible source. Previously, many medical professionals would simply prescribe medications for pain. Now, more questions are being asked, and there are less hazardous options available. At the Florida Pain Center, our goal is to determine what’s causing your aches. Is it your stress? Perhaps it’s your diet. There are numerous sources to consider, and at the Florida Pain Center, we don’t stop until we’ve pinned down an appropriate treatment method.   

What Does a Miami Gardens Pain Center Offer? 

At the Florida Pain Center, we have treatment methods for a handful of pains. For example, for those who carry stress on their shoulders and in their backs, there may be tightness or knots. Those knots are also called trigger points. Our facility offers something we call trigger point injections, which help to release the tension in the pent-up tissue. Another procedure we have for those who are recovering from injury is the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. This means that a medical professional extracts your blood, and runs it through a machine that separates the platelet-rich from the non-platelet rich blood. The platelet-rich blood acts as a natural healer. After all, the body is incredible at self-healing. When you have a cut, your body sends white blood cells to repair the damage immediately. The same is true when injecting platelet cells into injured areas. The procedure only takes one hour!   

IDET or Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy is also quite popular, as it is minimally invasive and relatively new. The treatment targets those who have disc-related pains, specifically in the lower back. The IDET procedure is an outpatient, hour-long procedure that involves a mild sedative. As you can see, at the Florida Pain Center, we strive to bring non-invasive approaches at a fraction of the time. While some cases require surgery, not all pain incidents are the same. If you’re ready to experience pain relief like you’ve never experienced before, contact the Florida Pain Center today at (954) 447-5206 and see how our team can bring peace back into your life. Pain isn’t a natural part of life, and it’s time to stop telling yourself that everyone deals with it! Make the smart decision and get your joy, mobility, and freedom back.

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Great Delray Beach Pain Center

Why do Millennials need a Delray Beach Pain Center More Than Ever?

You probably could have guessed by the title of this blog that millennials, are in fact, needing more pain management solutions than ever before. In fact, they’re one of the youngest generations to need pain management at all. The age of technology has been an incredible improvement to the lives of many, as it connects us to unique perspectives, cultures, and people from around the world in an instant. However, that same technology is what is giving so many young people issues with their backs, necks, and overall quality of life.  

Tips for Reducing Pain for Millennials from a Delray Beach Pain Center

Many young individuals have careers in jobs of high demand, such as social media experts or coders. However, these jobs usually don’t involve a lot of standing, walking, or exercising. Therefore, it causes strain on the muscles that should be regularly used. In addition, humans weren’t necessarily designed to sit down for long periods of time. The careers of today in tech fields are part of what is inhibiting these young adults from living their best lives.  

Fortunately, there are a few things one can do to eliminate the aches and pains of technology. First, it’s essential to incorporate some type of exercise into the daily routine. This ensures that the body is getting the appropriate movement it needs to stay activated, healthy, and useful. Those who sit often typically don’t have strong cores. A strong stomach helps with posture, backaches, and so much more. Another tip is to avoid sleeping on one’s back and to avoid desktop computers or laptops that are lower than eye-level. When a person is always looking down, it pulls the weight of the head forward, straining the muscles that hold it in place.   

If your aches and pains are beyond a few tips and tricks, visit Florida Pain Center today. We are a top Delray Beach pain center, and we owe that to our multiple treatments and services. Our team has fifteen years of experience, and we’re also double-board certified! With our credentials and non-invasive procedures, it’s easy to see why patients, young and old, come to our clinic. Call us today at (954) 447-5206 and see how we can help you feel better, live healthier, and enjoy more.

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Experienced Pain Management Doctor

Many different factors can cause pain: accidents, genetics, nerve damage, to name just a few, and there are different kinds of pain: chronic pain and acute pain. But no matter the type of pain we’re suffering from, or it’s source, we often reach for whatever we can to help ease our pain. If you’re reading this, we’re on the same page. We too, want you to enjoy pain-free living. Our double-board certified and fellowship-trained spine specialists here at Florida Pain Center are serious about helping you regain your life, without surgery. If you’re looking for the best pain management doctors in Miramar, you’re in the right place: Florida Pain Center. 

The Best Pain Management Doctor in Miramar Can Help You 

When you’re in pain, you want it gone. Many people use traditional ways to manage their pain: pain meds, physical therapy, surgery, and more. Here at Florida Pain Center, we’re all about nonsurgical approaches for treating conditions. Our experienced physicians and compassionate staff use the latest technology necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes for each patient. Here are the modalities we use here at Florida Pain Center: 

  •   Injections
  •   Treatment
  •   Therapy
  •   Nutrition
  •   Pain Management

And we treat all types of pain, including the following, and so much more: 

  •   Tennis elbow
  •   Bulging/ruptured/herniated disk
  •   Nerve impingement
  •   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •   Stress Fracture
  •   Arthritis/Bursitis/Tendinitis
  •   Sciatica
  •   Torn ACL
  •   Degenerative Disk Disease

When looking for the best pain management doctor in Miramar, call Florida Pain Center at (954) 447-5206 and make an appointment.  We accept several different insurance companies. Before arriving for your appointment, be sure to fill out a patient form, right here on our website, which will save a significant amount of time during your initial visit. We look forward to helping you on your healing journey.

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Treat Back Pain in Miramar

People today are living under a great deal of stress and in a constant rush. Every once in a while, these things cause you back pain in Miramar. You can’t even imagine how many people struggle with back pain on a daily basis, so much so that they’re unable to perform the activities they love because the pain it’s so unbearable that it barely allows them to move. However, there are solutions available for you. At Florida Pain Center, our wonderful staff can help you. 

Many people dealing with back pain spend a great deal of money on pills and creams that don’t get rid of the problem, only probably hide it for a while. At Florida Pain Center, we have a different approach. We offer effective treatments for back pain in Miramar. Through our procedures, we’ve managed to reduce and eventually eliminate back pain in patients. Whether your pain is caused by a herniated disc, a muscle strain, or a compression issue, our spinal specialists can treat your back pain without any surgery. 

Medicine and technology have incredibly advanced, which is why at the Florida Pain Center, we’re able to treat back pain in Miramar without invasive surgery, that will leave you unable to work or to participate in activities for a longer time, some of the treatments we offer, include: 

  • Spinal Cord Stimulation 
  • Discography 
  • Medial Branch Block 
  • Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation 
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 
  • IDET 
  • Trigger Points Injections  
  • Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection & More 

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest tools and resources, and our licensed and certified staff possesses both the knowledge and the training in order to treat your back pain in Miramar. All in all, at the Florida Pain Center, you can feel safe that we know exactly what we’re doing and that by the end of your procedure you will gradually see results and won’t have to struggle with back pain any longer. 

Think about how it feels to engage in tennis, swimming, volleyball and all the sports you like, to be able to play with your kids or your grandchildren and to take that summer vacation you’ve been dreaming about for a while, without having to handle your unbearable back pain in Miramar. While saying that our treatments will change your life, may seem a little extreme, the reality is that it’s not extreme, it is not an exaggeration. You will be able to finally live your life as you’ve always wished. If you or a relative are struggling with back pain in Miramar, contact the specialists at the Florida Pain Center at (954) 447-5206. Our advanced procedures will change your life for the better! Don’t live in pain any longer, and don’t put your life on hold any more!

Treating Back Pain in Miramar

How to Avoid Back Pain in Miramar with an Office Job 

Office jobs stereotypically mean sitting at a desk from 9-5. The extensive lengths of sitting can cause severe back pain, and the very act can leave individuals feeling unhealthy, restless, or in discomfort. When you work an office job, are there steps you can take to help your body feel better? At Florida Pain Center, we believe that these next  suggestions may change the way you feel about your career!

 1. Ask for a Standing Desk to Avoid Back Pain in Miramar  

In order to avoid back pain, ask your boss for a standing desk. These desks have electronic buttons on the side that move the structure up and down. You can sit at the desk, or you can stand. Standing burns calories throughout the day, and it’s also much better for your body. Standing works with multiple muscles in your body, where sitting leaves them stagnant.

 2. Exercise Off Work 

If you’re working an office job, one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is plan exercise into your regular routine. It’s not an easy commitment, as you’re probably exhausted after you arrive home from work. Some people choose a gym that’s on their way home so that they can simply stop by on their commute back to their house.   

3. Yoga

Another excellent way to combat the effects of pain at your job is to do yoga. Yoga is an excellent core strengthener, and it’s also an incredible way to stretch out your muscles. At work, you can incorporate some of the small movements into your day. Every 30 minutes, try to stand up, touch your toes, stretch your arms, or take a lap around the building. It wakes you up, gets your blood flowing, and it also helps you to have a more focused mood.

If you’re experiencing severe pains, try these tips next time you head to work. If you already have aches that need more extensive treatment, don’t worry! At the Florida Pain Center, we’ve seen plenty of back pain cases. We strive to provide non-invasive options for those who are hurting and are seeking relief. Don’t let the stress of your job ruin your days off. Instead, heal the right way by calling (954) 447-5206 today!

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Stem Cells Therapy in Miramar May Help Ease Your Back Pain 

Back pain can be debilitating and if you suffer from back pain, more than likely, you’re always looking out for something that’s going to help you – short of invasive spine surgery and pain meds. You should consider checking out a treatment that may be a great alternative to surgery, and that’s stem cell treatment. To learn about stem cells in Miramar, call Florida Pain Center.  

Try Stem Cells Therapy in Miramar for Your Back Pain 

Our goal here at Florida Pain Center is to decrease pain and enhance performance, without surgery. Right off the bat, we remind our patients that exercise and weight loss can help with persistent low back pain, and we go from there – looking at the various surgery alternative treatments. We use different modalities including injections, treatment, therapy, nutrition, and pain management. We use the latest technology necessary to help us attain the desired outcome for YOU – our patients.  

Degenerative spinal conditions can cause considerable pain and discomfort, and one of the modalities we use here to help treat that condition is stem cell treatments. In the procedure, which is somewhat still new, doctors harvest and then re-inject the body’s own bone marrow, which can help provide pain relief. Our spinal specialists at Florida Pain Center can inject stem cells into the problem areas. These cells then grow to fit their surroundings. This can help repair areas that are severely damaged or deteriorating. 

Our experienced doctors are double board certified, and we have three centers nearby to serve you: Miramar, Hollywood, and Lauderdale Lakes. We’re all about nonsurgical approaches for treating conditions.  

When you’re ready to decrease your back pain without invasive surgery, contact Florida Pain Center. We’ll discuss alternative treatments for back pain, including stem cell therapy in Miramar. Call us at (954) 447-5206 and make an appointment. We look forward to helping you on your healing journey.

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