What Causes Back Pain in Miramar?

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What Causes Back Pain in Miramar?

Nobody wants to deal with back pain in Miramar. But sadly, back pain is more common than many people realize. Are you dealing with neck pain, back pain or low back pain in Miramar? At Florida Pain Center, we offer a variety of treatments to help address back pain. We can help get rid of back pain for good with our nonsurgical solutions. We also work with temporary back pain solutions which can go hand in hand with long-term solutions, such as yoga or physical therapy. If you’re ready to get back pain out of the picture, it’s time to contact our team at Florida Pain Center! 

How can I prevent back pain in Miramar?

At Florida Pain Center, we offer comprehensive treatments for all types of neck and back pain in Miramar. Of course, many people prefer avoiding back pain altogether if possible. While you may not be able to entirely avoid back pain, there are some actions you can take to help reduce the likelihood that you’ll experience back pain. Check out our tips for reducing the likelihood of spine pain: 

  • Improve your posture. This seems like an obvious solution for reducing the severity of back pain in Miramar, but it’s often easier said than done. Proper posture is crucial for ensuring that your spine is in proper position. Experts suggest standing upright while keeping your chest lifted and your shoulders away from your ears. Make sure you’re sitting properly at your desk, no slouching!  
  • Lift properly. Whether you’re moving, working out, picking up the kids or carrying in the groceries, it’s important to make sure you’re lifting properly. Position your feet shoulder length apart and make sure you bend your knees and hips when lifting.  
  • Empty your handbag! A bulky purse may be causing you serious back and spine pain. Make sure you’re holding your handbag properly. Experts suggest holding your back in the fold of your elbow to distribute the weight as properly as possible.  
  • Give your spine the right nutrients. Vitamin D and calcium are two important components of spine health. If your diet restricts your intake of either of these vital nutrients, it’s important to seek out supplements. Without the proper amounts of vital nutrients, you may be weakening your spine.  

These are just a few of the ways you can work to avoid back pain in Miramar. If you are looking for solutions to your existing spine pain problems, it’s time to call on our team at Florida Pain Center. We offer effective treatments for back pain, neck pain and low back pain in Miramar. Call us today to get started!  

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