Is My Cell Phone Causing Spine Pain in Miramar?

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Is My Cell Phone Causing Spine Pain in Miramar?

Chances are, you’re reading this article on your cell phone right now. Or, you’re taking a peek at your phone as it illuminates with notifications. Cell phones have sure made things more convenient than ever before. But there’s one problem that’s growing with cell phones, and that’s spine pain in Miramar. Cell phones are causing a condition called “Text Neck” in which constant cell phone use causes spine pain. But how can you treat this condition? Better yet, how can you avoid cell-phone related spine pain in Miramar? Our team at Florida Pain Center is here to help treat and prevent cell-phone related spine pain in Miramar.   

How does my cell phone cause spine pain in Miramar?

Cell phones are engineering feats, combining many processing and user features into one small device. The cell phone itself is not the cause of your spine pain in Miramar, but rather the way you’re using your cell phone. Chances are, you’re not using proper posture when you’re using your cell phone. If you’re slouching when using your phone, it’s time to fix your posture! The infamous smart phone slump can put as much as 60 pounds of pressure on your neck and spine, creating considerable spine pain in Miramar. 

Looking down at your phone to use it can create considerable neck and back pain. But with the right posture, you can reduce cell-phone related spine pain in Miramar. Consider these tips for proper phone posture: 

  • Keep your phone at eye level. Keeping your phone or device at eye level during use can push you into using your phone at proper position. When you hold your phone or device at eye level, you’re putting yourself in a great position for proper shoulder, neck and spine placement. 
  • Use voice to text applications. Having a big conversation over text message? Instead of slouching over your phone to type away, use voice to text. This will keep you from slouching down for too long.  
  • Limit your cell phone time. This can be a hard tip to follow, but it’s important when it comes to keeping your spine in shape. The longer you’re slouching over on your phone, the more likely you’ll be to face cell-phone related spine pain in Miramar. Instead, limit your cell phone usage to keep your spine healthy.  

If you’re facing cell-phone related neck, back or spine pain in Miramar, you can count on our team at Florida Pain Center. We offer effective procedures for reducing and fully eliminating spine pain in Miramar. Stop by today to see how we can help you!  


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