Discover an Outstanding Miramar Pain Center

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Discover an Outstanding Miramar Pain Center

At the Miramar Pain Center, our primary goal is to determine what’s causing your aches and pains. Is it work-related stress? Perhaps your diet? Is it your chair at work? Exercise routine or lack of? There are numerous sources to consider, and at the Miramar Pain Center, we want to get to the bottom of what’s causing you pain. Once our specialist determines the source, we can plan a course of treatment to help alleviate it forever. At the Miramar Pain Center, we offer many outpatient treatment options for all kinds of pain, whether it be neck, back, shoulders, spine, leg—the list goes on. Our board-certified doctors specialize in non-surgical techniques and you might even feel the difference the very next day. You may be under a lot of stress and are experiencing some tightness in your shoulders. Those knots are also called trigger points. The Miramar Pain Center offers something called “trigger point injections,” which is a proven, effective way to release the pent-up tension in your muscle tissue. 

Another one of our popular procedures to help alleviate pain is called “Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.” Did you know that your platelet-rich blood acts as a natural healer? To begin the treatment, your caring medical professional will draw your blood and run it through a machine that extracts the platelet-rich blood. They will then inject it into your injury to stimulate your body’s ability to start to heal itself. What’s more, the procedure takes just one hour! At the Miramar Pain Center, we strive to find the best non-surgical solutions for you that are affordable and that can help you get back to living the life you deserve. 

If you are fed up with always being in pain and ready to try a more natural approach, we here to give you the relief you deserve now. Our boardcertified doctors are waiting to treat you. Isn’t it time to call the Miramar Pain Center today at (954) 447-5206? 

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