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Treating Back Pain with Adult Stem Cells in Plantation

Miramar was first planned as a “bedroom community” for nearby metro areas such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Incorporated in 1955, the city has grown from a population of less than 200 people to one of over 122,000 people. With growing families and businesses around the city, there are also many situations causing back, neck and spine pain. Spinal problems can radiate throughout the entire body, causing a wide range of issues. If you’re dealing with pain, you may have the answer yourself- adult stem cells in Plantation. At Florida Pain Center, we use techniques which can take your very own adult stem cells and use their potential to treat many spine and back problems.  

How can I treat spine problems with my own stem cells in Plantation?

At Florida Pain Center, we believe in treating spine problems without surgery. Degenerative issues in the discs, vertebra, ligaments, spinal cord and foramen, among other areas, can be tough to treat. But, your body has the key to healing right within your blood stream, and it’s your stem cells. At Florida Pain Center, we can remove stem cells by drawing your blood and running it through a centrifuge, separating the stem cells from the blood. Then, we can take these stem cells and place them in the degenerative areas of your spine. Your stem cells can naturally heal many issues in your spine. 

Stem cells in Plantation act as clay, forming to fit the area around them. With your own stem cells, you can naturally heal a wide variety of spinal issues. Our team at Florida Pain Center can help you determine if your adult stem cells are the best treatment for your spine issues. When you consult with a spine specialist in Plantation from our team at Florida Pain Center, you’ll discover your personalized solutions for treating a wide variety of spinal issues.  

How can I get started?

Are you ready to live without degenerative spine conditions or spine pain in the way? It all starts by connecting with a knowledgeable spine specialist in Plantation. At Florida Pain Center, we offer personalized approaches to treating your spine pain. We offer procedures utilizing adult stem cells in Plantation to help heal degenerative conditions. We also work with a wide variety of procedures which can help temporarily or permanently relieve pain throughout the spine. Call our spine specialists in Plantation today to find your best fit!  

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