5 Ways to Keep Away Spine Pain in Miramar

Spine Pain Miramar FL

5 Ways to Keep Away Spine Pain in Miramar

Our spines are the structural support beams that run through our body. When our spines are not in good conditions, the discomfort spreads throughout our entire body. While there are many ways that spinal pain can occur, such as car accidents, degenerative disc disease, or even arthritis, there are simple ways to strengthen, and avoid back pain. Here are 5:

If you’ve heard the story about pregnant women with aching backs, then you might assume that weight has a lot to do with it. Extra weight can put a lot of pressure on your spine, making it ache consistently.

Those who smoke are more susceptible to back pain. This is because of the way smoke disables healthy blood flow to the discs in your spine. Disc pain is one of the most excruciating types, so it is best that it be avoided at all costs.

Sleeping on your back and sleeping on your stomach can be relatively hard on ones spine. The best option is to sleep on one’s side, however, if you find that that position simply doesn’t work for you, try placing a pillow in an area that makes strain less probable.

As we’ve been told this a million times, posture certainly does have a part to play in spinal pain. Our spines are mostly meant to be upright and straight. When we slouch for long periods of time, this causes strenuous pull, leaving you with serious aching.

For those who work out often, they may find that they are less likely to have spinal pain. This is because exercise helps decrease inflammation and tension. It’s essential for those who sit at desks for a living to get up, and get moving at some point in the day. Working out will increase the blood flow to muscles, leaving them a bit looser than the workday has left them.

At Florida Pain Center, we know how inconvenient spine pain can be. We know that many individuals think that surgery or pain medication is the only option. However, with advanced medical technology and highly skilled medical professionals, we’re offering a new way of pain healing. If you’re in need of treatment options for spine pain in Miramar, please call us today. With over 15 years of experience, you’ll find expertise and experience you can trust.

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