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Why a Spine Specialist in Miramar Uses Spectracell Nutritional Testing

Did you know that degenerative diseases and chronic pain can stem from mineral, antioxidant, or vitamin deficiencies? Not many people are aware of how much food plays a part in the overall health of the body. Sure, food determines weight and muscle mass, but food also has a great impact on other crucial things. Individuals who benefit from looking into Spectracell Nutritional Testing with a spine specialist in Miramar include those with low energy, migraines, fibromyalgia, depression, fatigue, and allergies. In this article, we’ll take a look at what vitamins can help with various areas of pain. You’ll see how our spine specialists at Florida Pain Center, can treat spine problems you may be suffering from. 

A Closer Look at Nutrients from a Spine Specialist in Miramar

Some of the most common nutrients are ones we are familiar with, such as magnesium, copper, calcium, vitamin D, antioxidants, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C. All of these well-known minerals play a vital role in longevity and health. When a mineral is missing, it can lead to disease or imbalances in the body. Here is how these different nutrients can assist one in feeling better.  

  • Magnesium – Excellent in reducing operation pains, as it lowers pain by blocking receptors in the spinal chord.  
  • Copper  – As a supplement, copper can help those with severe arthritis.  
  • Calcium – Calcium and Zinc both play a part in the nerve pain signals that transmit to the brain.  
  • Vitamin D – A lack of Vitamin D can result in muscle or bone aches.  
  • Antioxidants – Leveling out antioxidant levels can help treat the effects of chronic pains.  
  • Vitamin B12 – Otherwise known as a nutrient that keeps the body’s blood pressure and nerve pressure in check; it also makes DNA, and without it, most people feel very tired.   
  • Vitamin C – Also an antioxidant, the nutrient protects the cells from free radicals and helps the body to convert the food we eat into useful energy.  

As you can see, there are many benefits to Spectracell Nutritional Testing from a Spine Specialist in Miramar. If you’re suffering from aches and pains, and you’re unsure as to why, it could be an imbalance in your nutrients. With many different diet recommendations and busy schedules, it’s not surprising to find that most people aren’t as balanced as they should be. To schedule an appointment today, call our team at the Florida Pain Center at (954) 447-5206. We’re here to help you live a better, more enjoyable life.

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