Are There Alternatives to Back Pain Surgery?

Back Pain Miramar FL

Are There Alternatives to Back Pain Surgery?

Whether it’s an accident, getting older, or something just isn’t quite right, the Florida Pain Center has you covered. We understand how debilitating back pain can be, and we also understand how frustrating living with these aches day in and day out can feel. That’s why you need over 15 years of experience on your side, with minimally invasive surgeries, and none of the same downsides that surgery requires.

Is Back Pain Holding you Back?

Many individuals think that if they have back pain, surgery is there only available option. At Florida Pain Center, we offer many different procedures that will have you back to a pain-free life in no time, without surgery. Some of procedures are even outpatient based, taking less than an hour to accomplish what you came in to do.
If you’re looking for an alternative for back pain in Miramar, here are a few of the services we offer.

IDET: Spinal discs have proven to be capable of creating uncomfortable pain. With this new and minimally invasive procedure, Intradiscal Electrothermic Therapy is an outpatient treatment, taking up only one hour of your day, and quickly sending you out into a pain-free world.
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: One of the best ways to heal ourselves, is with the magic of our own bodies. With this procedure, blood is drawn from our patients, and put into a machine that spins rather quickly. During this, the rich-platelets are separated, allowing our doctors to inject these into your painful area, or areas. This then allows these platelets to naturally heal whatever is causing you so much discomfort.
Spinal Cord Stimulation: This procedure is for those who experience heavily chronic pain, and for those patients who have tried more conservative methods without any luck in the past. This procedure uses electrical pulses to stop the pain signals, allowing our patients to get the relief they deeply deserve.
Trigger Point Injections: This short procedure is usually for those who have knots in their backs and neck that are causing them extreme discomfort. This helps relieve the tissue, by adding an injection directly into the problem area, allowing for significantly less pain.

At Florida Pain Center, we offer many other types of alternatives to back pain in Miramar. Thankfully there are options that don’t require the downtime surgeries do, nor the post pain that generally comes with these invasive treatments. Back pain can prevent individuals from happily living their lives, where even the smallest tasks can seem overwhelming. We want you to know that you are not alone, and our highly qualified and skilled team can help you decide what treatment options would fit your needs best. If you’re considering alternatives for back pain in Miramar, give us a call, and see how we can help you get back to a more enjoyable life.

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