Fort Lauderdale Spine Pain Reviews

Treating Spine Pain in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is known for many attractions, including beautiful beaches and top quality museums. But The Venice of America is also home to over 165,000 people. Many people around the city struggle with back pain, neck pain and pain related to spinal conditions. At Florida Pain Center, we’re here to help! We take effective approaches when it comes to treating spine pain in Fort Lauderdale. We offer nonsurgical solutions to help effectively treat spine pain.

What are the best solutions for treating spine pain in Fort Lauderdale?

There are many different causes of spine pain in Fort Lauderdale. The spine involves many systems, including muscles, nerves and skeletal systems. With so many systems tightly connected in the spine, there are many different issues that can create spine pain in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, spinal problems can even cause radiating pain throughout the body. But, not to worry! Our team at Florida Pain Center can help treat spine pain in Fort Lauderdale.

There are many approaches we can take to treating spine pain in Fort Lauderdale. The specific cause of your spine pain will help determine the approach we take to treating your issues. Some of our most popular procedures include:

  • Genova Comprehensive Nutritional Testing
  • Dekompressor Discectomy
  • Facet Joint Injections
  • Lumbar Sympathetic Block
  • Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation
  • Celiac Plexus Block
  • Adult Stem Cell Therapy
  • Prolotherapy
  • IDET
  • Trigger Point Injections
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Each of the above procedures offers different solutions. Finding your best fit starts by calling on our team at Florida Pain Center! We can help you find your ideal treatments for spine pain in Fort Lauderdale. For example, Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation uses radio frequency (RF) treatments to help lessen or eliminate unnecessary pain signals. This outpatient procedure can address pain all throughout the spine, along with reducing pain throughout the body related to the same condition.

How can I get started?

Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation is just one of our many solutions for spine pain in Fort Lauderdale. Depending on the cause of your spine pain in Fort Lauderdale, we will help you choose your approach to treatment. Before you choose surgery, check out our solutions at Florida Pain Center. Call us today to learn how we can help address your spine pain in Fort Lauderdale!

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