Considering Stem Cells in Hollywood?

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Considering Stem Cells in Hollywood?

How You Can Heal the Spine Quicker with Stem Cells in Hollywood  

Stem cells in Hollywood are one of the most cutting-edge discoveries of the century. Previously, we as a nation spent much time attempting to heal ourselves through excruciating surgeries, and unlimited and expensive medications. However, what most people didn’t realize is how incredible the body is at healing itself, given the opportunity. An excellent example is when you receive a papercut. It hurts for a short second, and chances are you instantly go to hold what aches. Fortunately, the white blood cells in your body have already started rushing to the wounded location. The same idea applies to stem cells. The difference is that they are being extracted, and replaced, as opposed to naturally moving towards areas causing aches and pains, such as the spine.  

The Spine and Stem Cells in Hollywood 

A study was recently published in the World Journals of Stem Cells. The article goes into detail about how surgeons are starting to use stem cells as a way to help degenerative discs, spinal cord injuries, and more. Back pain is a common issue in America, whether it’s genetics or it’s due to injuries, or poor habits. Stem cells work in numerous ways. One of the most common ways is to take bone marrow from a hip. This is an area that is fresh with regenerative stem cells. The cells are then placed in the area that is uncomfortable or aching. The cells, like the white blood cells that rush to your papercut, help heal the damaged area. The cells strengthen, offer pain relief, and improve mobility. 

As mentioned, procedures like this used to be incredibly invasive, expensive, and time-consuming. Now, they can be performed on an outpatient basis, and it only takes about an hour! At the Florida Pain Center, we’re proud to offer stem cell treatments to our patients. We know how frustrating it can be to walk throughout your life with aches and pains. While you can continue taking harmful pharmaceuticals, there is a healthier and more natural way to gain the peace you seek. If you’re looking for a refreshing approach to pain management, try stem cells in Hollywood today by calling the Florida Pain Center at (954) 447-5206.

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