Stem Cells Miramar

Stem Cells Miramar

Stem Cells Therapy in Miramar May Help Ease Your Back Pain 

Back pain can be debilitating and if you suffer from back pain, more than likely, you’re always looking out for something that’s going to help you – short of invasive spine surgery and pain meds. You should consider checking out a treatment that may be a great alternative to surgery, and that’s stem cell treatment. To learn about stem cells in Miramar, call Florida Pain Center.  

Try Stem Cells Therapy in Miramar for Your Back Pain 

Our goal here at Florida Pain Center is to decrease pain and enhance performance, without surgery. Right off the bat, we remind our patients that exercise and weight loss can help with persistent low back pain, and we go from there – looking at the various surgery alternative treatments. We use different modalities including injections, treatment, therapy, nutrition, and pain management. We use the latest technology necessary to help us attain the desired outcome for YOU – our patients.  

Degenerative spinal conditions can cause considerable pain and discomfort, and one of the modalities we use here to help treat that condition is stem cell treatments. In the procedure, which is somewhat still new, doctors harvest and then re-inject the body’s own bone marrow, which can help provide pain relief. Our spinal specialists at Florida Pain Center can inject stem cells into the problem areas. These cells then grow to fit their surroundings. This can help repair areas that are severely damaged or deteriorating. 

Our experienced doctors are double board certified, and we have three centers nearby to serve you: Miramar, Hollywood, and Lauderdale Lakes. We’re all about nonsurgical approaches for treating conditions.  

When you’re ready to decrease your back pain without invasive surgery, contact Florida Pain Center. We’ll discuss alternative treatments for back pain, including stem cell therapy in Miramar. Call us at (954) 447-5206 and make an appointment. We look forward to helping you on your healing journey.

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