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Professional & Compassionate Deerfield Beach Pain Center

How a Deerfield Beach Pain Center is Helping Florida Residents 

Aches and pains are something many Americans suffer from, but there comes the point where those aches are too stifling to deal with. There are harmful pharmaceutical options, but with research and studies, most people understand how damaging they can be. Surgery is also an option, but the procedures are incredibly invasive and leave lengthy downtimes. That’s why Florida residents are trying the Florida Pain Center. Our Deerfield Beach pain center is designed to provide high-quality pain management services, without the invasive component.

Services from a Deerfield Beach Pain Center 

Our primary focuses are neck pain, back pain, spinal pain, injuries, and disc complications. We have a plethora of healing techniques that are non-invasive, quick procedures, and highly effective. For example, we offer trigger point injections for those who have out of the usual knots. Those kinks in our backs can make it difficult for us to function. However, the trigger point injections allow those tensed balls of tissue to relax, so that you can relax too.

We also offer other forms of treatment including platelet-rich plasma therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy takes cells from your body and re-injects them into damaged areas that need repairing. Because the body is a natural healer, the experts at Florida Pain Center believe that it should be used to heal itself! Why use harmful medicines and procedures if you don’t have to? Some treatments only take ten minutes! If you’re looking to dive deeper into your body’s pain, you can request a Spectracell Nutritional test.

As you can see, there are numerous pathways when you choose the Florida Pain Center. Whatever your needs, our double board-certified team can help you reach the goals you desire. Pain doesn’t have to be your life’s story. Instead, you can experience what life can be like with comfort and ease! If you’re ready to experience a healthier way to heal, call our Deerfield Beach pain center. Call (954) 447-5206 today to schedule your first appointment!

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