Meet with a Specialist at a Delray Beach Pain Center

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Meet with a Specialist at a Delray Beach Pain Center

Avoid Technology Aches with Tips from a Delray Beach Pain Center 

Technology is part of our world, and it seems as though it is here to stay. Technology helps our planet in numerous ways. It allows us to understand life beyond our own, and it also gives us the ability to learn quicker and more efficiently. More and more jobs are being created to fulfill the demand for tech-related careers, and while there are a plethora of positives from modern advancements, there are also some physical requirements that our human bodies simply aren’t happy with. If you think back to your schooling, you’ll remember that humans of all kinds used to be hunters and gatherers. This means that tribes would constantly be on the move. Every day there was something to be done for the betterment of the community. Today, we spend little time moving as often as our bodies are conditioned to. This leads to frustration in the body in the form of aches, knots, and other discomforts.

Fight Back with Tips from a Delray Beach Center 

 Some ways to offset the effects of technology primarily surround the idea of movement and exercise. Even a simple stretch every hour will give your body the mini-break it needs to help blood flow and overall longevity. Once a day, a person should try to get their heart rate up, either by walking, biking, running, or some other form of sport. This ensures that, like a dog, the body is exercised, relaxed, and ultimately healthy. A workout aids in balancing the sitting and staring at a screen with enjoying the great outdoors and getting the body moving.

Another tip is to try a standing desk. When you sit, you restrict blood from getting to significant areas in your vessel. This means that your overall physical performance levels aren’t ideal, and other areas are suffering as a result. A standing desk will actually help you to burn more calories, even if you aren’t doing much! The reason being is that to stand, your core muscles naturally need to be engaged. Your leg muscles need to contract, and so on. By choosing to stand during your next work week, you’ll be working out without even trying!

At the Florida Pain Center, we see numerous individuals yearly who are suffering from significant aches and pains. Other tips include holding your cell phone up higher, placing your desktop at eye level, and trying to monitor the amount of screen time you engage in daily. At the Florida Pain Center, we understand how frustrating technology driven pains can be, which is why we’re here to help. For a Delray Beach pain center you can trust, call (954) 447-5206. You might try embracing a few of these tips, but should your pain still take over, our double board-certified staff will get you the care you need.

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