Can I Benefit from Epidural Steroid Injections in Hollywood, FL?

Can I Benefit from Epidural Steroid Injections in Hollywood, FL?

Hollywood Florida is a beautiful place to live. The weather is warm year-round, the sun is always shining and there’s plenty of beaches and shops to go out and visit. It’s the perfect town to spend your free time outside walking around and enjoying the landscape. Unfortunately, for many people chronic back and spine pain limits the amount of time they are able to spend out and about walking around. Pinched nerves and other related back pain problems are keeping too many Hollywood residents chained to their home. There is good news however, and that begins with a phone call to the Florida Pain Center. With our epidural steroid injections, you can enjoy pain relief without surgery or opioid medications. 

Pinched nerves and other similar back pain issues can cause acute pain issues as well as pain throughout the entire body. Since the spine includes the nervous system, pain in a specific area can cause widespread pain throughout the entire body. 

At Florida Pain Center, we utilize epidural steroid injections in Hollywood for a variety of issues. We use an x-ray machine to insert a needle into the epidural space of the spine. This is the space that’s between the dura, the protective coating of the spinal cord, and the vertebrae. Then, a steroid is injected into this space. Steroids can help to relieve pain for weeks or even years, allowing for other treatments to assist as well. We can use epidural steroid injections in Hollywood on their own, or in conjunction with other approaches to treating spinal issues.

Epidural steroid injections might just be the answer to a pain free life. If you’re considering epidural steroid injections in Hollywood, it’s time to call on our team at Florida Pain Center at (954) 447-5206.

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