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Don’t Live With Neck Pain in Miramar

Neck pain is something so many Americans suffer from. Given our culture, many of us spend countless hours in front of laptops, televisions, or at desks. Because of this, our necks are prone to severe aches, caused by the neck constantly resting ahead of the shoulders, as opposed to being in line. Many individuals think that this is just something that comes with life, and they go their entire lives not knowing that there are non-invasive treatment options to help.

Get Rid of Neck Pain Today!

There are many different reasons as to why one may want to heal their neck pain, although the most common is that it’s simply painful, and it limits you from what you can and cannot do throughout your day. By treating neck pain, you’re not only healing the ache, but you’re also creating an entirely new way of life. Even the action of looking down or side-to-side is excruciating. This is something nobody should have to live with, and at Florida Pain Center, we’re ready to help.

Treatment options are non-invasive and non-surgical, as well as efficient. Some of those services include trigger point injections, spinal chord stimulation, cervical epidural steroid injection, discography, facet joint injections, and more. At Florida Pain Center, we understand that each person’s pain ranges from intensity, duration, and reason. Therefore, our highly qualified medical staff treats each patient as an individual. We can sit with you or your loved one to understand what’s causing the neck pain, and what treatment options may best be suited for you.

At Florida Pain Center, we also want to share a few things one can do from furthering their neck pain. Sometimes, neck pain is a side effect of an accident or prior surgery. However, for those who simply have aching ligaments and muscles, there are a few things you can do as preventatives. Occasionally, it’s just a matter of changing your pillow, or sleeping on your back. For those of us that spend excessive amounts of time on our computers, be sure that your screen is directly in front of your eyes, so that you’re not straining your neck. Another technological issue is texting. Texting requires us to look down frequently. Instead, try texting less or raising your phone up to eye level. If you’re going to be on a call, try to use a headset instead of turning your neck any unnatural directions. This is great advice for those who work in call centers or are constantly taking calls.

There are many other ways to prevent neck pain, such as staying hydrated and checking your posture. At Florida Pain Center, our specialists have dealt with neck pain for over fifteen years. With the experience and understanding of our professional team, why look anywhere else? Freedom from neck pain is simply a call away. See how we can help you experience life differently.

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