Competitive and Qualified Miami Gardens Pain Center

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Competitive and Qualified Miami Gardens Pain Center

Where to Find a Miami Gardens Pain Center 

When you’re looking for a Miami Gardens pain center, you want to know that you can find a team that will investigate every possible source. Previously, many medical professionals would simply prescribe medications for pain. Now, more questions are being asked, and there are less hazardous options available. At the Florida Pain Center, our goal is to determine what’s causing your aches. Is it your stress? Perhaps it’s your diet. There are numerous sources to consider, and at the Florida Pain Center, we don’t stop until we’ve pinned down an appropriate treatment method.   

What Does a Miami Gardens Pain Center Offer? 

At the Florida Pain Center, we have treatment methods for a handful of pains. For example, for those who carry stress on their shoulders and in their backs, there may be tightness or knots. Those knots are also called trigger points. Our facility offers something we call trigger point injections, which help to release the tension in the pent-up tissue. Another procedure we have for those who are recovering from injury is the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. This means that a medical professional extracts your blood, and runs it through a machine that separates the platelet-rich from the non-platelet rich blood. The platelet-rich blood acts as a natural healer. After all, the body is incredible at self-healing. When you have a cut, your body sends white blood cells to repair the damage immediately. The same is true when injecting platelet cells into injured areas. The procedure only takes one hour!   

IDET or Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy is also quite popular, as it is minimally invasive and relatively new. The treatment targets those who have disc-related pains, specifically in the lower back. The IDET procedure is an outpatient, hour-long procedure that involves a mild sedative. As you can see, at the Florida Pain Center, we strive to bring non-invasive approaches at a fraction of the time. While some cases require surgery, not all pain incidents are the same. If you’re ready to experience pain relief like you’ve never experienced before, contact the Florida Pain Center today at (954) 447-5206 and see how our team can bring peace back into your life. Pain isn’t a natural part of life, and it’s time to stop telling yourself that everyone deals with it! Make the smart decision and get your joy, mobility, and freedom back.

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