How to Achieve Back Pain Relief in Miramar

Low Back Pain Miramar FL

How to Achieve Back Pain Relief in Miramar

Back pain can leave us completely incapable of movement, let alone our simple day-to-day activities. This can be frustrating, especially for those of us who want to be on the move more often. Contrary to popular belief, back pain relief is a lot closer and less complicated than one may think. Due to technological and medical advances in the past few years, surgery is not the only available treatment option. At Florida Pain Center, we offer non-invasive and non-surgical procedures that offer little, to no downtime, getting you back on your feet, pain free, as soon as possible.

There are multiple options for back pain relief at the Florida Pain Center

Also known as Intradiscal Electrothermic Therapy. As a new and non-invasive treatment option, this is for those who suffer from disc-related lower back pain. Outpatient.

This is an extremely short treatment for those who are simply looking to alleviate painful trigger points, such as knots. Outpatient.

Also a very minimal procedure, this helps disrupt pain signals to the brain. This is done by interfering with the media branch nerves.

Using radiofrequency technology, this is for those who are suffering from severe pain due to a disc issue. Outpatient.

This particular treatment uses electro-impulses to interrupt pain signals. Generally, this is a great treatment option for those who have been unable to find a successful fix. This helps relieve the pain.

This minimally invasive option is also an outpatient option, which uses a probe and needle to help with disc related aches and pains.

Essentially, this procedure is a simply steroid injection into lower back pain areas. This helps lower inflammation, which then relieves pain.

At Florida Pain Center, we know how painful back pain can be. It almost always keeps us from living our lives to the fullest, as we are constantly worrying about whether or not we will make it through our day’s list. Luckily, there are options, and our professionals with over fifteen years of experience are here to help. With a plethora of reasons behind the causes of back pain, our specialists will help you decide what treatment options will be the most effective. We may also run a few diagnostic procedures, simply to see where the trouble areas are. If you’re suffering and need back pain relief in Miramar, Florida Pain Center has the answers. Call us today to set up a consultation to see how we’ve helped the residents of South Florida heal their chronic aches.

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