Struggling with Back Pain in Miramar?

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Struggling with Back Pain in Miramar?

Where can I find relief for Back Pain Miramar? 

Did you ever notice how people today are constantly moving–looking at their phones and multi-tasking? Of course, you did, because you’re probably nodding your head as you are reading this post. All of this constant eye and muscle activity is causing people in record numbers to be experiencing a host of neck, shoulder and back pain that is a result of our non-stop stressful lifestyles. However, there are effective solutions available to you. At Florida Pain Center in Miramar, our wonderful staff can help you get to the root of your back pain without having to resort to invasive surgical procedures, which are not always guaranteed to work. 

What are some of the treatments for back pain? 

Many people dealing with back pain spend a great deal of money on pills and creams that don’t actually rid you of the problem, they only serve to mask it temporarily and sometimes even makes it worse. At Florida Pain Center in Miramar, we specialize in back pain, but with a different approach. We have effective treatments that are perfect for back pain. We’ve managed to reduce and eventually eliminate back pain in most of our patients. Whether your pain is caused by a herniated disc, a muscle strain, or a compression issue, our licensed spinal specialists can treat your back pain without invasive surgery. Some of the treatments we offer include: Spinal Cord Stimulation; Discography; Medial Branch Block; Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation; Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy; IDET; Trigger Point Injections; Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection and much more. 

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest medical equipment and resources, and our licensed and double board-certified medical team all possess the knowledge and the experience necessary to treat your back pain at our pain management facility in Miramar. All in all, at the Florida Pain Center in Miramar, you can trust that we mean what we say. By the end of your procedure you will gradually see results and won’t have to struggle with back pain any longer. Think about how it will feel to enjoy your life once again without sacrificing the activities you loved like jogging, going to exercise class, playing tennis or just being able to keep up with your kids for an extended period of time. Some of our patients say we are a lifesaver. You will be able to finally live your life as it was meant to be lived. If you or a loved one are struggling with back pain in Miramar or anywhere in South Florida, don’t hesitate to contact the specialists at the Florida Pain Center today at (954) 447-5206. 

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