A Competent Miami Gardens Pain Center

A Competent Miami Gardens Pain Center

How to Keep Children from Needing to Visit a Miami Gardens Pain Center 

At Florida Pain Center, we love what we do. We’re proud to help people every day feel healthier and more in control. However, we’ve started seeing increased numbers in young people visiting our Miami Gardens Pain Center, and other facilities across the nation are seeing the same results. Issues such as, “tech neck,” are becoming significant threats to young people, as well as an increase in overall anxieties. In this article, we’ll talk about a few things that you can do as a parent to keep your child from visiting our team anytime soon.  

Limit Technology Times: Tips from a Miami Gardens Pain Center  

The biggest thing you can do as a parent is to limit or monitor the amount of time your child spends on tablets, iPhone, or in front of the television. Apple and other leading technology companies have started to incorporate something called Screen Time. Screen Time allows you to see how much activity is spent daily on various apps, or on electronics overall. The results are often shocking, and you might be baffled at how often your child has an electronic in their hands. Looking down can cause severe damage to the neck and shoulders, as the head weighs more than what one may imagine. The strain of looking down causes the tendons and muscles to pull unnaturally, creating knots and other unwanted pains.  

Another thing you can do is to keep your child as un-stressed as possible. Studies show that rates of anxiety and depression are going up in children, especially in middle school and high school. There are more options available these days, but more options also come with more stress. Stresses of school, peers, self-esteem, social media, and more can lead to early issues that could later cause aches or immune problems. Last, but certainly not least, keep them safe. Team sports or reckless outings can bring a lifetime of injury.

If your child is experiencing pain prematurely, call Florida Pain Center today at (954) 447-5206. Our team is here to help you when you need assistance the most, and our staff has years of double-board certified experience behind them. Pain isn’t natural in the body, and it’s best to catch the symptoms and treat the issue before it gets worse. For a Miami Gardens pain center you can trust, contact our team today.

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