Does Back Pain Have You Searching for a Spine Specialist in Miramar?

Low Back Pain Miramar FL

Does Back Pain Have You Searching for a Spine Specialist in Miramar?

More than 80 percent of adults will experience significant back or neck pain at some time during their lives. It’s no wonder—stressful jobs, long hours at a desk and behind the wheel or a car and injuries from working out or playing sports can result in spinal issues. Back pain can be excruciating. When it’s part of your daily life, it can also be debilitating and possibly lead to depression. That’s likely why you are looking for a spine specialist in Miramar.

Let a spine specialist in Miramar treat your back and neck pain

Back pain has many causes because the back is comprised of muscles, nerves, bones, joints, and ligaments. This pain is often different for each person and depends on the person’s history and type and severity of discomfort experienced. Pain may be the result of an injury, specific activities or a chronic condition may cause it. Since the bottom section of the spine supports a lot of the body’s weight, damage to the lower back can cause pain in other parts of the body.

One of these issues may at the root of your back pain:

    • Herniated disk: As you get older, your disks may start to herniate. This condition causes the gel-like tissue inside the disks to be forced outside the hard case they’re encapsulated in, causing pain.
    • Bulging disk: Similar to the herniated disk, but not as severe, this condition can be present without causing pain. But pain begins when the nerves become involved.
    • Degenerative disk disease: When your spinal disk health declines, the tissue between your vertebrae can shrink or tear, allowing the vertebrae to rub against or collapse on one another.
    • Spinal stenosis: This condition is a narrowing of the spinal canal which can exert pressure on nerves. It can result in numbness in the shoulders and legs.

When you come to Florida Pain Center, our spine specialists in Miramar and back-pain experts will do everything possible to determine the source (s) of your pain and help you manage and resolve it. Our objective is to decrease your pain and enhance your overall performance without surgery. Call us today to learn how we can help.

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