The Best Pompano Beach Pain Center

The Best Pompano Beach Pain Center

Tips on Preventing Disc-Related Injuries from a Pompano Beach Pain Center 

Disc injuries are common in the United States, especially as there are multiple reasons they can occur. While some disc injuries are non-preventable, there are a few ways to maintain a healthier lower back. In this blog, we’ll discuss a handful of ways to keep your discs in good shape. At the Florida Pain Center, your preferable Pompano Beach pain center, we work to offer preventative tips, and non-invasive repairs.  

1. A Pompano Beach Pain Center Recommends Lifting Appropriately 

The first thing we recommend at the Florida Pain Center is lifting appropriately if you are a fitness guru. We know that working out can be exhilarating, as can reaching a new goal. However, in order to maintain lower back health, bend your knees while keeping your core firm and your back straight. Lifting with the back is what causes many of the fitness-related disc injuries.  

 2. Work Out Regularly 

After discussing the dangers of certain fitness moves, it is essential to keep your weight leveled. By monitoring your overall health, you’re keeping the unnecessary weight off of your lower back. Working out also increases your core strength, which in turn helps to keep your posture in check.  

 3. Practice Good Sleeping Positions 

Most individuals don’t realize the importance of a good sleep posture. Lying on the stomach is not recommended, as it places a lot of pressure on the back. However, sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs helps to balance everything out.  

 4. Odds and Ends 

Other tips include avoiding high-heels, stretching often, reducing cigarette use or quitting altogether, and eating a balanced meal. If you can combine many of these tips together, you’ll dwindle your chances of needing a pain specialist.  

If you’ve found that your discs are already suffering, visit us today at the Florida Pain Center and see how we can help you heal. We offer double-board certified professionalism, alongside non-invasive treatment options. Whether it’s disc related, stress-related, or work-related, we’re sure that we can bring you the peace you’ve been looking for. Call us today at (954) 447-5206 and see how we can help you flourish. Pain isn’t for anyone, and it certainly doesn’t have to be part of your life.

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