Is My Phone Causing Neck Pain in Miramar?

Neck Pain Miramar

Is My Phone Causing Neck Pain in Miramar?

Are you reading this on your cell phone, right now? Or, are you glancing at your phone between pages while browsing the internet on your computer? Either way, it’s estimated that we check our phones an average of 80 times per day. Each time you grasp your phone and glance downwards, you’re setting yourself up for a big problem- text neck. This is the newest problem that’s causing neck pain in Miramar. If you’re struggling with text neck, it’s time to see how our team at Florida Pain Center can help. 

Wait, my phone may be causing me neck pain in Miramar?

Cell phones may be designed to fit in your hand, but our bodies are not designed to constantly crane downwards to stare at these phones. The longer you’re looking down at your phone, the longer you’re putting strain on your neck and spine. This can cause strains, rips and swelling that causes neck pain in Miramar. Symptoms of text neck may include: 

  • Upper back pain 
  • Shoulder pain 
  • A sore neck 
  • Pain when keeping your head upright 
  • Reduction in motion 
  • Radiating pain in the arms and hands  

Cell phones aren’t the only culprit. Computer screens, video games and tablets can all cause neck pain in Miramar. When you’re not facing squarely forward with proper posture while using electronic devices, you’re putting yourself at risk for neck pain in Miramar. Pinched nerves in the neck can cause considerable pain and widespread issues. At Florida Pain Center, we can help treat your text neck.  

What are my options for treating neck pain in Miramar?

There are many ways to address neck pain in Miramar. At Florida Pain Center, we can address text neck with a variety of nonsurgical approaches. For example, facet joint injections can go a long way when it comes to addressing neck pain in Miramar. These injections help to treat issues with the facet joints, which are joints that link vertebra in the spine. When a facet joint is blocked by strain, it can cause back and neck pain. These injections help to reduce or eliminate the pain.  

Cervical epidural steroid injections are another option for treating neck pain in Miramar. This injection relieves pain in the neck, shoulders, back and arms that has been attributed to a pinched nerve. Nerve compression and strain can cause pain, but we offer nonsurgical solutions to treat the condition. Call us today to learn more about our options for treating text neck and neck pain in Miramar.  

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