Technology is Causing Neck Pain in Miramar Millennials

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Technology is Causing Neck Pain in Miramar Millennials

There is no doubt that technology puts information at our fingertips and makes once-difficult tasks very simple. The internet has placed unlimited amounts of information at our disposal. However, there are some drawbacks. Using cell phones and tablets is causing neck pain in Miramar millennials.

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Many jobs require young people to sit at a desk and stare into a computer screen that is more than likely, lower than their eyes. Why does this matter? Well, the constant action of looking down is quite strenuous on the neck, and its muscles, causing severe pain in young people.

Young people tend to sit in front of a screen, be it a laptop, tablet, or cell phone for hours. Not only do they forget to get up and move around, but they are consistently leaving their bodies in that same position for hours. The term, ‘Tech neck,’ also known as ‘the cyber slouch’ are the perfect ways to explain what is happening. The terms refer to the way most people hunch over their laptops or hover over their smartphones or other small devices.

It’s not only millennials who have neck pain. More than 80 percent of adults will experience significant neck or back pain at some time during their lives. Neck pain is a fairly common complaint. Muscle strains, nerve compression, injuries, diseases and worn joints can cause neck pain.

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