Tips from a Pain Management Doctor in Miramar

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Tips from a Pain Management Doctor in Miramar

What can I do about daily pain? 

Has daily pain been a constant source of aggravation for you? Has the pain stopped you from doing what you love? Do you find yourself worrying way too much about how to cure your aches and pains? If so, there are a few things that you can do now to help relieve some of your discomfort. At Florida Pain Center, our pain management doctors in Miramar work to alleviate patients’ suffering every day. While medicines like Ibuprofen are used to reduce your pain and inflammation, studies show us how the body has properties that make it a natural healer. However, there are some things you can initiate right now to help make the body’s natural repair process a little easier: 

Valuable tips from a pain management doctor in Miramar:  

  • Posture 

The first thing you can do to minimize pain, primarily in the neck and back areas, is to improve your posture. Most individuals work at office jobs or work in technology, which means sitting in front of a computer and typing for hours. This can easily stress your muscles and weaken your back support. By sitting up straight, you’re not only engaging your core, but you’re also keeping your spine from curving. 

  • Exercise 

The second thing you can do to minimize pain is to exercise on a daily basis. Exercise increases the blood flow to your body and works your muscles which allows them to gain greater elasticity and move easier. Therefore, they can start to repair themselves more easily. 

  • Get more sleep 

While there is always a debate about which sleeping positions are best for you. Sleeping on your back is usually considered the best position, while sleeping on your stomach is not recommended because it can also block your air flow. If you sleep on your side, our pain management doctors recommend that you place a pillow between your legs to take the pressure off of your spine. 

 If you’re experiencing severe pain on a daily basis, these tips may not be enough to help alleviate it. Instead, reach out to our experienced, double board-certified pain management doctors in Miramar. We offer affordable treatment plans that can make all the difference. Our goal is to get you living your life again, enjoying everyday pain free! Stop enduring that pain because you think there is no other way. Call us at (954) 447-5206 and let us help you work towards a plan to help you feel better right away.  

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