5 Reasons to Visit a Spine Specialist in Miramar

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5 Reasons to Visit a Spine Specialist in Miramar

Our spines perhaps one of the important parts of our bodies, allowing us to keep our posture, sit upright, and carry us around day after day. That’s why when our spines aren’t doing well; it can really affect our quality of life. Spinal surgery is extremely popular, but did you know that there are less invasive options available? At Florida Pain Center, there is. We offer multiple different treatment options that leave you feeling pain-free, and ready to relish in the simple joys of life.

There are a few common reasons why one may be seeking a spine specialist in Miramar. Here are some examples:


Car accidents are unfortunately frequent, especially in the United States. Almost 90 fatalities are reported daily, and almost 2 million individuals are injured because of a car crash. This is a scary number, but nonetheless, is one of the most common reasons a person may seek out help from a spine specialist. During accidents, whiplash and strain are very common, even in small wrecks.


This is a condition that is usually found in women, and generally produces severe back pain. This is because the part of the brain that processes pain is extremely sensitive to pain signals, which makes these aches even more painful as a result.


Let’s say you’ve lifted one too many weights, or you’re spending a few too many hours in front of your computer or desk. Oddly enough, they can both produce muscle strains that leave your body feeling extremely sore. This can create small knots in one’s back or neck, making each movement seem tedious and slow.


At Florida Pain Center, we see this type of pain often. Essentially what happens is that as we get older, our discs lose their sponginess because they are losing some water. This can then produce a number of different pain sources, such as herniated discs and bulging discs.


These joints are located near your spine, and they can easily be the victims of serious aches, this can happen by becoming stiff, overusing them, or even injury. These joints are also supported by nerves that may become pinched, and therefore can cause significant amounts of pain.
At Florida Pain Center, we have over fifteen years of experience, and we’ve seen many different spinal conditions and injuries within our profession. We understand that each patient is different, and that treatment options may vary, person to person. If you’re a victim of spinal pain and are seeking a spine specialist in Miramar, come see us, and see how we can help relieve your aches today.

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