Top Three Causes of Spine Pain in Miramar

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Top Three Causes of Spine Pain in Miramar

Our spines are the central piece that runs through most of our body. When our backs ache, it can affect everything else we do. Understanding the causes of spinal pain can help those who suffer to know that they are not alone. Spine pain in Miramar can be helped at Florida Pain Center, where we offer top of the line choices for those in need.

Back pain has many causes. The following are the top three:

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Spinal Nerve Compression
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

How to Treat the Top Causes of Spine Pain in Miramar

After recognizing that you have one of the issues above, you’ll want to begin looking into treatment options. Though surgery is necessary for some injuries or strains, many can be fixed with the procedures done at Florida Pain Center. Here are our recommendations on how to help the causes of spine pain:

Sprains and strains can be improved with a procedure called Trigger Point Injections. Trigger Point Injections are done helping to release the tense knots our body conjures up when we’ve either sprained or strained a muscle. This can be done in many ways, including accidents, or even staring at a desktop computer or cell phone daily.

Spinal Nerve Compression is a painful issue to have, as the nerves in one’s body are pinched. A cervical epidural steroid injection can help. It is a medication that is injected to help decrease the swelling of the nerves.

Degenerative Disc Disease has treatment options, but first and foremost it’s important to diagnose the cause of the pain. Discography, or discogram, is a procedure that pressurizes the disks with a liquid. This helps our doctors understand where the pain is coming from, and what the best treatments are for the situation.

At Florida Pain Center, we understand that spine pain can stop patients from living healthy, enjoyable lives. Offering a multitude of treatment options, we know that we can find a pain-free pathway for anyone who walks through our doors. If you’re suffering from spine pain in Miramar, call Florida Pain Center today to set up a consultation. Once we’ve determined the source of your pain, we’ll provide you with a non-invasive treatment that will have you back up on your feet in no time!

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