Treating Back Pain in Miramar

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Treating Back Pain in Miramar

How to Avoid Back Pain in Miramar with an Office Job 

Office jobs stereotypically mean sitting at a desk from 9-5. The extensive lengths of sitting can cause severe back pain, and the very act can leave individuals feeling unhealthy, restless, or in discomfort. When you work an office job, are there steps you can take to help your body feel better? At Florida Pain Center, we believe that these next  suggestions may change the way you feel about your career!

 1. Ask for a Standing Desk to Avoid Back Pain in Miramar  

In order to avoid back pain, ask your boss for a standing desk. These desks have electronic buttons on the side that move the structure up and down. You can sit at the desk, or you can stand. Standing burns calories throughout the day, and it’s also much better for your body. Standing works with multiple muscles in your body, where sitting leaves them stagnant.

 2. Exercise Off Work 

If you’re working an office job, one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is plan exercise into your regular routine. It’s not an easy commitment, as you’re probably exhausted after you arrive home from work. Some people choose a gym that’s on their way home so that they can simply stop by on their commute back to their house.   

3. Yoga

Another excellent way to combat the effects of pain at your job is to do yoga. Yoga is an excellent core strengthener, and it’s also an incredible way to stretch out your muscles. At work, you can incorporate some of the small movements into your day. Every 30 minutes, try to stand up, touch your toes, stretch your arms, or take a lap around the building. It wakes you up, gets your blood flowing, and it also helps you to have a more focused mood.

If you’re experiencing severe pains, try these tips next time you head to work. If you already have aches that need more extensive treatment, don’t worry! At the Florida Pain Center, we’ve seen plenty of back pain cases. We strive to provide non-invasive options for those who are hurting and are seeking relief. Don’t let the stress of your job ruin your days off. Instead, heal the right way by calling (954) 447-5206 today!

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