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3 Tips for Lessening Pain from a Pain Management Doctor in Miramar 

Are you suffering from pain in your everyday life? Has the pain stopped you from doing what you love? Are you consistently worrying about how to cure your aches? If so, there are a few tips that may help relieve some of your discomforts. At Florida Pain Center, we work with patients that are suffering due to pain, everyday. While medicines like ibuprofen have been an option for years, science and research are starting to show how incredible the body is at being a natural healer. However, there are some habits you can break to make the body’s repairment process a little easier. Here are some instructions from a pain management doctor in Miramar.

Tip 1 From a Pain Management Doctor in Miramar: Posture 

The first thing you can do to minimize pain, primarily in the neck and back, is to assess your posture. Most individuals now work office jobs or work in technology. The consistent sitting in front of a computer screen can significantly wear your muscles and weaken your support. By sitting up straight, you’re not only engaging your core, but you’re also keeping your spine from curving.  

Tip 2: Exercise 

The second thing you can do to minimize pain is to exercise. It’s more than a great way to lose weight. Exercise gives you the muscle strength you need to support your daily routine. Once you sit for years at a time without much movement, your support system starts to dwindle. By exercising, you’re able to rebuild your core, your back muscles, and your lower back assistance.  

Tip 3: Sleep Appropriately 

Believe it or not, there are certain ways to sleep that are good for you, and there are ways to sleep that are not. For example, sleeping on your back is the best for your back, where sleeping on your stomach is the worst. If you sleep on your side, you can stick a pillow between your legs to balance your spine and position.

If you’re experiencing severe pain, these simple tips may not be enough. Instead, try reaching out to a pain management doctor in Miramar at the Florida Pain Center. We’re a team that offers double board-certified expertise and years of experience. It’s our goal, through a number of non-invasive procedures, to help you get back on your feet. Call us today at (954) 447-5206 and start experiencing life pain-free!

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