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Noninvasive Spine Surgery Miramar FL

What Can Stem Cells in Miramar Do for You?

While invasive surgeries used to be the way to handle severe back pain, there’s a lot of research going into the world of stem cells in Miramar. Alternative medical research, in general, is making an entrance and they aren’t findings that are going to fade away any time soon. In the age of healing the body with the body, stem cells are incredible additions to this movement. How do they work? Do they really relieve pain? In this blog, we’ll talk about the many different ways stem cells can assist.  

Stem Cells in Miramar for Pain, Injury, and Disease  

Severe neck pain is a common issue in the technological age. More and more individuals are working remote jobs or office jobs that require eight hours in front of a desk. Unfortunately, this also leads to a stagnant lifestyle where the body is consistently pressured, lacks movement, and doesn’t truly get the amount of exercise it needs. In fact, did you know that humans aren’t really designed for long-term sitting in the first place? Evolution simply didn’t account for such a quick transition to sedentary environments. Because of this, the body is experiencing intense amounts of pain, even in younger people. Stem cells are being used as an alternative. Instead of medication or surgery, stem cells naturally regenerate sensitive areas that are suffering. Whether it’s rebuilding tissue or repairing fragments, stem cells instantly begin to rejuvenate your aches. 

The same is true for degenerative disc diseases, osteoarthritis, injuries, and more. At the Florida Pain Center, we strive to provide relief to those who need it most. With our research into stem cells, we genuinely believe that this procedure is the future of medicine. Not only is it non-invasive, but it also provides a fast-acting solution to long-term pain. The body is a natural healer. All it takes is one phone call to start on your own personal path to recovery. If you’re looking for relief, try stem cells in Miramar. The Florida Pain Center is available to help you truly live your life. Call 954-447-5602 today and experience what it’s like to feel relaxed and fully participating in life’s activities.  

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Using Stem Cells in Miramar to Treat Chronic Pain

Stem cells in Miramar are a reasonably new treatment method to help with pain management. As of a decade ago, stem cells were more of a mythical idea. With new technology and treatment, the positive effects of stem cells are being seen. Stem cells are small seedlings that stay with a human since the time they are born. As people age, stem cells become harder to find. Stem cells are being saved for beauty purposes, but they’re also being used for disc repair and joint degeneration. At Florida Pain Center, we offer stem cell treatment to help those struggling with chronic pain. If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain, your quality of life has probably decreased. With stem cells in Miramar, you can get your life back.   

How Do Stem Cells in Miramar Work? 

It’s a fair question. The general understanding is that stem cells repair damaged areas in the body. An example would be a person who has chronic spinal pain. The stem cells are removed from the body and injected precisely into the aching area. The stem cells then help to naturally repair, without needing to undergo extensive surgery.  

More and more, medical professionals are finding ways to heal the body using the body. Does that sound confusing? Most people don’t know that the body is, by nature, a healer. If a person gets a cut, the body immediately begins to close the open wound. Within hours, the injury will have a new layer of skin. The same goes for internal bacteria. The use of stem cells to heal is revolutionary.  

At Florida Pain Center, we firmly believe in healing aches and pains non-invasively. Neck, back, and spinal pains are all clear signs from the body. Though some cases require surgery, the reality is that many injuries can be healed with stem cells, steroid injections, electro-waves, or other treatments. If you’re seeking relief from your back pain, stem cells in Miramar may be an area worth researching. Call Florida Pain Center today to speak to a spine specialist at 954-447-5602. We have a vast understanding of what certain symptoms mean, and what can be done to rejuvenate and eliminate pain. If you’re ready to start getting some answers to your discomfort, Florida Pain Center is prepared to help. 

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The Future of Pain Relief Using Stem Cells in Miramar

For the last few decades, scientists have touted stem cell research as the key to treat medical conditions including Parkinson’s disease to heart disease. Now, stems cells in Miramar are used to treat spinal issues.

Treating Back Pain with Stem Cells in Miramar

Stem cells are used to repair just about anything in the body, including skin, tissue, muscles, bones, and organs. These cells are gathered from many parts of an adult’s body. Once the cells are collected, they are placed in a centrifuge, which can make these cells potent and powerful. Once these stem cells are amped up, they’re injected into the site of the painful area, in hopes of repairing whatever damage has been sustained.

A common pain management case is for an individual with degenerative disc disease. This type of issue causes chronic pain that starts when a disc in the spine tears or ages. While there are options such as painkillers or surgery, the reality is that these extreme alternatives may pose more of a threat than they’re worth. Stem cells, on the other hand, are used to heal the body naturally.
Florida Pain Center specializes in cutting-edge procedures targeted towards the healing of back, spine, and neck pain. While there are many different causes of this type of pain, they believe that most can be fixed or relieved using natural, non-invasive treatments. One of their most typical is the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, which is very similar to stem cells. The plasma is extracted from the blood, put into a centrifuge, and gets injected into the area of great pain. The centrifuge works as a separator of cells, keeping the platelet-rich plasma as a natural healer. This procedure takes an hour and is done in the office!

The spine experts at Florida Pain Center understands that with any procedure, including stem cells, starts by understanding the benefits and risks. Our pain experts can explain how stem cells in Miramar work and if they can potentially help you. Call Florida Pain Center today at 954-447-5206 to make your first appointment, to learn what procedures are right for you.

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4 Ways to Avoid Neck Pain in Miramar

Neck issues are common for many Americans, however most of us have simply come to terms with the pain, saying that it’s something everyone suffers with. At the Florida Pain Center, we completely disagree. While there are non-invasive treatment options to alleviate chronic neck pain, there are also things one can do to avoid neck pain altogether. Here are four:

Posture may be one of the biggest things that can cause neck pains. In fact, did you know you could have good posture even while sleeping? Many of us get so distracted throughout our day that we forget to do a simple posture check. By reminding ourselves not to slouch, we automatically increase our chances of reducing our neck pain.

As previously mentioned above, it’s important to give your body a friendly, conscious reminder to get up every once in a while. Many of us also work from computers, especially in today’s age. We also work at desks, construction jobs, and other muscle straining occupations. One of the best ways to minimize neck pain in an office is to make sure that your computer screen is directly in front of you, so that you aren’t looking down for eight hours every day. Sitting up straight will also be useful.

Stretching during your day can genuinely help aches. Our necks lose some of their blood flow because we’re extremely stiff in these sitting positions. By gently stretching, you give your muscles more oxygen and life, making them feel looser and less painful.

Our days are packed with stress, and as much as we may like to change that, it may simply be a matter of redefining how we let go of our stress. Some people find that massages every two weeks drastically change the way their bodies feel. Another option is meditation. When our bodies truly relax, there’s a sense of rejuvenation. By resetting your muscles, they feel rested and refreshed.

At the Florida Pain Center, we empathize with the millions of Americans suffering through their neck pain. Unfortunately, neck pain can lead to other conditions, such as back pain, shoulder pain, migraines, and more. If you’ve become another victim of chronic neck pain in Miramar, please come see us. There’s no need to walk around life in agony. Instead, let our qualified team show you what life can feel like pain free.

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5 Ways to Keep Away Spine Pain in Miramar

Our spines are the structural support beams that run through our body. When our spines are not in good conditions, the discomfort spreads throughout our entire body. While there are many ways that spinal pain can occur, such as car accidents, degenerative disc disease, or even arthritis, there are simple ways to strengthen, and avoid back pain. Here are 5:

If you’ve heard the story about pregnant women with aching backs, then you might assume that weight has a lot to do with it. Extra weight can put a lot of pressure on your spine, making it ache consistently.

Those who smoke are more susceptible to back pain. This is because of the way smoke disables healthy blood flow to the discs in your spine. Disc pain is one of the most excruciating types, so it is best that it be avoided at all costs.

Sleeping on your back and sleeping on your stomach can be relatively hard on ones spine. The best option is to sleep on one’s side, however, if you find that that position simply doesn’t work for you, try placing a pillow in an area that makes strain less probable.

As we’ve been told this a million times, posture certainly does have a part to play in spinal pain. Our spines are mostly meant to be upright and straight. When we slouch for long periods of time, this causes strenuous pull, leaving you with serious aching.

For those who work out often, they may find that they are less likely to have spinal pain. This is because exercise helps decrease inflammation and tension. It’s essential for those who sit at desks for a living to get up, and get moving at some point in the day. Working out will increase the blood flow to muscles, leaving them a bit looser than the workday has left them.

At Florida Pain Center, we know how inconvenient spine pain can be. We know that many individuals think that surgery or pain medication is the only option. However, with advanced medical technology and highly skilled medical professionals, we’re offering a new way of pain healing. If you’re in need of treatment options for spine pain in Miramar, please call us today. With over 15 years of experience, you’ll find expertise and experience you can trust.

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The Top 3 Reasons to See a Spine Specialist in Miramar

One of the most important parts of our bodies is our spine. These complex structures help keep us upright, strong, and capable. When something isn’t feeling right in our spines, we recognize the pain immediately. That’s why at Florida Pain Center, we’ve dedicated our careers to making sure that our patients are treated and healed, non-invasively. Many individuals think that having surgery is the only way to heal aches in the spinal region, however, our incredible team of professionals know that the key to a happier life is simpler than most people think.

Of course, there are hundreds of reasons as to why you may be seeking out a spine specialist in Miramar. At Florida Pain Center, we see multiple aches and pains every day, however some are seen more often than others. Here are the top 3 reasons to see a spine specialist.

Car accidents are unfortunately common in the United States. Happening all across the states, individuals are injured, either severely or minimally. What many people don’t recognize is that no matter the size of the accident, there are almost always damages sustained to the body. For many, they don’t come to see us until the pain has gotten out of hand. At Florida Pain Center, we offer multiple treatment options for those who are in severe discomfort due to a prior car crash. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

There are many ways one may fall victim to muscle strains. Whether you work at a desk, developing chronic neck pain, or you’re an athlete with an injury, Florida Pain Center can help you heal. Our muscles are often times not given enough oxygen, stretching, or given conscious attention. Because of our passiveness, our muscles become tight. This then means that our muscles are more susceptible to strains.

Degenerative Disc Disease is one of the most common pains for those who are getting older. Our discs become less cushioned the older we get. This then causes them to become extremely painful. At Florida Pain Center, we offer multiple non-invasive procedures that can help those with this painful issue finally receive the relief they deserve.

There are many other reasons one may be in need of a professional spine specialist. Our spines reach many locations throughout our neck and backs, causing strain when something isn’t right. At Florida Pain Center, we’ll help you work through your chronic pain, in a way that has you in and out quickly, with a recovery time you can’t beat. It you’re in need of a spine specialist in Miramar, please come see us. With over 15 years of experience, why trust anyone else?

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5 Options for Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment in Miramar

For those Americans who suffer from severe back pain, surgery is not always the answer. In fact, surgery is almost always not preferred. Though, many individuals didn’t know that there were other options available, until now. At Florida Pain Center, we offer a plethora of efficient non-surgical back pain treatments in Miramar. With cutting-edge technology and a number of satisfied patients, it’s easy to see why we’re one of South Florida’s top choices for back pain relief and recovery.

At Florida Pain Center, we offer multiple treatment options. The issue with more traditional procedures such as surgery, is that the downtime required to recover is extensive. Sometimes, patients could be recovering for weeks! With our state of the art technology, we can help people heal quicker, allowing them to get back to their lives sooner. Here are a few non-surgical back pain treatment options:

This simple steroid injection is placed into the lower back to help reduce inflammation. This allows the area in pain to relax, and be freed of unnecessary pain.

Many individuals in this day and age suffer from knots and strained muscles. Many of us have desk jobs, leaving our necks and backs to develop tense, and painful clumps of tissue. Trigger Point Injections help relieve those painful areas, allowing patients to relax and decompress.

Many people suffer from disc pains. Luckily, this radiofrequency option will help alleviate those aches, giving peace like never before.

For those with incredibly severe pains, this option helps disrupt pain signals being sent to the brain, interfering with the media branch nerves. This then helps patients to feel a sense of peace during the time that those pain signals are being stopped.

This is another option that helps with disrupting pain signals. However, instead of radiofrequency, this option looks to electro-impulses.

At Florida Pain Center, we have over fifteen years of experience, and we know exactly what to look for. With professionals on your side, we can assist in choosing an option that will have the best outcome for you and your pain. If you’re looking into options for non-surgical back pain treatment in Miramar, please come and see us. There’s no need to go through life limited by the presence of pain. With a short procedure and minimal recovery time, you’ll see why Florida Pain Center is one of South Florida’s favorites.

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Florida Pain Center: Your Source for Back Pain Relief

When it comes to back pain, nothing is more excruciating. In fact, many Americans have simply considered it part of life, especially when dealing with bad posture, old injuries, or weight strains. However, at Florida Pain Center, we completely disagree, and encourage anyone with aches and pains to seek help immediately. At Florida Pain Center, we do things differently. We don’t believe that surgery is necessarily always the answer, which is why we’ve provided our customers with something better.

What Makes us Different?

At Florida Pain Center, we pride ourselves on over 15 years of experience and practice, continuing to grow our technology and procedures. Many medical professionals are afraid to embrace the incredible advancements in the medical field. Yet, our skilled practitioners have adapted, and can now offer alternatives to surgery, long recovery times, and unnecessary pain medications. There are times when surgery is absolutely necessary, however, there are times when your aches and chronic pains can be healed almost immediately. Most of our procedures are short and to the point, getting you in and out as quickly as possible.

Make Back Pain a Thing of the Past

We believe that each of our patients is unique, meaning that we don’t treat anyone as we did the person before them. We know that back pain comes with different causes, and we choose not to assume. Instead, we’ll sit down with you in order to better understand your story, source of pain, and it’s intensity. Many medical professionals simply prescribe something that will numb your pain. For most individuals, this is the only relief they know. At Florida Pain Center, we provide something trustworthy.

What if we could tell you that in many cases, your pain could be handled within minutes, permanently, or at least long term? With our efficient technology and skilled medical professionals, we’re able to bring instant and long-lasting relief to those who need it most. There’s nothing like living your life in agony, day after day. As mentioned, surgery is far too expensive and time-consuming, and pain medications are dangerous. If you’re tired of the old way of doing things, it’s time for you to try something that works.

At Florida Pain Center, we know that it’s time for a change, and we’re here to provide the answers. Back pain is an awful burden and can limit the activities you’ll get to participate in during your daily life. If you’re in need of a professional to help you with your back pain in Miramar, call us today. In a short amount of time, your back pain could be healed.

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Platelet Rich Plasma in Miramar Helps With Pain

Platelet Rich Plasma is a special technique used to treat pain. This works by drawing a patient’s blood, and then putting the blood into a centrifuge. A centrifuge is a machine that spins quickly in order to separate cells. Once the platelet rich cells have been separated, they are then injected into the patient’s painful areas. The overall benefit of Platelet Rich Plasma is that it is able to heal and repair the damaged tissues, and joints. If you’re considering new routes to a pain free life, Platelet Rich Plasma may be the answer for you.

There are many issues that this treatment can be beneficial for. Some of those include, but are not limited to: arthritis, lower back pain, tendonitis, herniated discs, sport injuries, sciatic nerve pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, torn ligaments, and sacroiliac issues.

Here are few benefits:

At Florida Pain Center, our procedures are non-invasive and non-surgical. Up until recently, pain was complicated to treat, as surgery was the only option. However, thanks to modern advancements in the medical technology field, there are new ways to do things. Using simple injections in the problem areas, this treatment option is minimal and will leave you feeling like a new man or woman by the end.

As mentioned, surgery used to be the only liable option. However, surgery took ages to schedule, wait for, and recover from. By engaging in minimally invasive or non-invasive treatments, you save endless amounts of time. The past full of painful recoveries and impatient waiting is gone for good.

A massive benefit of Platelet Rich Plasma is that you are essentially using your own cells to heal your own body. This is revolutionary, and is being seen in many different medical fields today. Many individuals have a serious issue with adding anything artificial into the body. Luckily, this option allows for natural healing.

At Florida Pain Center, we know that not every patient’s pain is the same, nor is their reason for having it. That being said, when pain strikes, natural is one of our favorite options. This new and exciting technology has helped heal hundreds of individuals, allowing them to live a radiant, pain free life. If you’ve heard of Platelet Rich Plasma in Miramar, and want to discuss it with a professional, our skilled medical staffs at Florida Pain Center are ready to assist. With over fifteen years of experience, we’re a team you can trust. A pain free life is one call away. Schedule an appointment today.

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Don’t Live With Neck Pain in Miramar

Neck pain is something so many Americans suffer from. Given our culture, many of us spend countless hours in front of laptops, televisions, or at desks. Because of this, our necks are prone to severe aches, caused by the neck constantly resting ahead of the shoulders, as opposed to being in line. Many individuals think that this is just something that comes with life, and they go their entire lives not knowing that there are non-invasive treatment options to help.

Get Rid of Neck Pain Today!

There are many different reasons as to why one may want to heal their neck pain, although the most common is that it’s simply painful, and it limits you from what you can and cannot do throughout your day. By treating neck pain, you’re not only healing the ache, but you’re also creating an entirely new way of life. Even the action of looking down or side-to-side is excruciating. This is something nobody should have to live with, and at Florida Pain Center, we’re ready to help.

Treatment options are non-invasive and non-surgical, as well as efficient. Some of those services include trigger point injections, spinal chord stimulation, cervical epidural steroid injection, discography, facet joint injections, and more. At Florida Pain Center, we understand that each person’s pain ranges from intensity, duration, and reason. Therefore, our highly qualified medical staff treats each patient as an individual. We can sit with you or your loved one to understand what’s causing the neck pain, and what treatment options may best be suited for you.

At Florida Pain Center, we also want to share a few things one can do from furthering their neck pain. Sometimes, neck pain is a side effect of an accident or prior surgery. However, for those who simply have aching ligaments and muscles, there are a few things you can do as preventatives. Occasionally, it’s just a matter of changing your pillow, or sleeping on your back. For those of us that spend excessive amounts of time on our computers, be sure that your screen is directly in front of your eyes, so that you’re not straining your neck. Another technological issue is texting. Texting requires us to look down frequently. Instead, try texting less or raising your phone up to eye level. If you’re going to be on a call, try to use a headset instead of turning your neck any unnatural directions. This is great advice for those who work in call centers or are constantly taking calls.

There are many other ways to prevent neck pain, such as staying hydrated and checking your posture. At Florida Pain Center, our specialists have dealt with neck pain for over fifteen years. With the experience and understanding of our professional team, why look anywhere else? Freedom from neck pain is simply a call away. See how we can help you experience life differently.

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