How Can I Heal My Neck Pain In Miramar With Florida Pain Center?

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How Can I Heal My Neck Pain In Miramar With Florida Pain Center?

Neck pain is prevalent in today’s society, especially in America. We pride ourselves as a nation as being one of the leading countries in technology and development. Yet, with the time we spend at our computers and desks, we often don’t think about the effects our driven personalities are causing. Neck pain in Miramar can also stem from auto accidents and poor sleep, but one of the most frequent issues of today is technology galore.

 Many Americans have merely come to terms with their neck pain, assuming that eventually, it will dissolve naturally. However, neck pain can become challenging to get rid of, and may stick around for life if habits refuse to change. At Florida Pain Center, we’ve become a leading medical facility for treating all types of spinal, neck, and back pain. With non-invasive procedures and a plethora of choices, we offer solutions for all walks of life.

Let Florida Pain Center get rid of your neck pain in Miramar

While there are multiple options for those looking to heal their neck pain, here are four of the most effective ways to treat  at the Florida Pain Center:

Trigger Point Injections

Many of us know about the knots that form near our necks and shoulders. These tight bubbles of tissue need to be released for us to feel relaxed, and ache-free. Trigger Point Injections help to reduce and relieve these tightly wound tissues, taking only a few minutes in time.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is an option for those who are suffering from severe pain in centrally located areas. For those who are looking to heal their bodies naturally, this procedure draws blood, separates blood cells, and re-injects the platelet-rich blood into the troubled area. The new blood sends messages that instant and extensive repair is needed near the injection site. Cells then work together to naturally repair the damaged location.

Spinal Chord Stimulation

Also known as SCS, electrical pulses are sent to relieve pained areas. Essentially, these pulses help to stop the pain signals coming from the brain to body.

Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection

Pinched nerves can be some of the most painful disruptions to our bodies. This injection helps to relieve the swelling of the nerves. Many individuals with herniated discs and spinal stenosis suffer from pinched nerves often.

At Florida Pain Center, we pride ourselves on giving our patients alternative options for healing. If you’re looking for someone to relieve your neck pain in Miramar, call Florida Pain Center today. It’s not too late to reverse the effects of poor posture, old auto accidents, or injuries. A pain-free life is right around the corner!

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