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In Need of Spinal Pain Relief in Miramar?

 When should your see a spinal pain specialist? 

Spinal pain is becoming increasingly common for us today what with our jobs that require sitting for long periods of time, playing competitive sports, skiing, horseback accidents, etc. There is no time to waste. When you’re experiencing excruciating spinal pain, you need to call on a professional pain specialist. Aches that are severe can stop you from living your best life. And, it may be a challenge just to perform even the simplest of tasks. At the Florida Pain Center, we can offer you a more natural approach. While prescription medications and surgery might alleviate the pain for a time, they rarely offer a permanent solution. At Florida Pain Center, our goal is to help you stay completely pain free with one of our natural, low-risk treatments. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing the Florida Pain Center for Spinal Pain in Miramar?

There are many advantages to choosing our double- board certified medical specialists to treat your spinal pain at the Florida Pain Center. We have locations throughout South Florida in Hollywood, Miramar and Lauderdale Lakes. Our dedicated team has years of experience to help you get back the life you deserve with our natural, noninvasive approaches.  Our specialists will identify the source of your pain and work to create a personalized treatment plan just for you.  

What Spinal Treatments Are Available to Me?

The Florida Pain Center offers professional spinal adjustments that can make a word of difference in easing your pain. However, there are some other options you can choose such as:  

  • Genova Comprehensive Nutritional Testing 
  • Dekompressor Discectomy 
  • Facet Joint Injection 
  • Lumbar Sympathetic Block 
  • Medical Branch Block 
  • Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections 
  • Spectracell Nutritional Testing 
  • Celiac Plexus Block and more 

Why not try something that allows your body to heal more naturally? At Florida Pain Center, we’re here to treat you and help with your pain. But it’s up to you.  Don’t wait for your spinal pain to worsen. We are here to tell you that pain doesn’t have to be an everyday part of your life. In fact, it shouldn’t be! Pain is a way of telling your body that something needs attention. Together, we can work towards finding the perfect treatment plan for your spinal pain. Call us today at (954)447-5206 for a free consultation. We will have you back to gardening, jogging, playing tennis or swimming or whatever you used to enjoy before pain took over your life. We’ll help you to become pain-free in no time. 

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Are You in Desperate Need of Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment in Hollywood, FL?

Alternatives for Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment in Hollywood

Most people would prefer an alternative to surgery. Surgery is not only invasive, but it can take weeks to recover. In this day and age, people don’t have weeks to take from their busy lives just to heal severe cases of back pain. In most people’s minds, back pain is an element of life that merely comes with getting older, having a full-time job, and raising children. What people don’t know, however, is that back pain is not normal by any means. That leads individuals to search for non-surgical back pain treatment in Hollywood. At the Florida Pain Center, it’s our goal to help give people searching for release an alternative option. In this article, we’ll give you a few of the most popular procedures we have. Perhaps there will be a treatment method that you feel fits well for your situation! 

Trigger Point Injections 

First and foremost, let’s understand what trigger points are. Trigger points are balls of tissue that form in the neck region, shoulders, and even occasionally in the back. Usually, the trigger points are brought on by significant amounts of stress. The overwhelming sensation of having too much emotionally on one’s plate can lead to hunching shoulders, poor posture, and consistent fight or flight mode. While it seems as though this stress is what can get a person through almost anything, the reality is that stress is one of the leading causes of disease, sickness, and even premature death. To avoid letting your trigger points get out of hand, the experts at the Florida Pain Center offer trigger point injections. The procedure is incredibly short and non-invasive. The solution is injected into the site causing severe pain. There, the solution allows the pent-up tissue to relax, which then brings less pain. 

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy  

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, is one of the most incredible solutions out there targeting pain management and severe aches. The science is astounding, as the body truly has an innate ability to heal on its own, given the right opportunity. A prime example would be when you receive a papercut. Instantly you grab your finger and examine the small cut. From there, you wince for perhaps an hour, and then you forget about it. The white blood cells in your body have been racing to repair the intrusive cut. The same method applies to PRP. Platelet-rich plasma cells are extracted from bone marrow, usually in the hip. The cells are then put in a machine called a centrifuge, which essentially spins the cells very quickly. From there, it separates the platelet-rich cells, from the normal cells. Those platelet rich elements are placed in a syringe and injected into the area that is causing pain. The cells work rapidly to help repair injuries, tissue, and so much more! Like trigger point injections, the procedure is short.

If you’re in need of a non-surgical back pain treatment in Hollywood, the Florida Pain Center is the place to be. Our double board-certified team is happy to get you back on track to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Contact the Florida Pain Center today at (954) 447-5206.  

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How Not to Deal with Spine Pain in Miramar

The Internet is a vast place of information, and sometimes that information isn’t as accurate as we’d hoped it would be. For example, there are plenty of blogs out there with advice on how to handle spine pain in Miramar, but is it all trustworthy? Today, we’re going to make a list of the pieces of information we often hear that factually aren’t necessarily correct, especially within the field of exercise and fitness. 

Lift with Your Legs to Avoid Back Pain in Miramar  

The most common piece of advice in the fitness world involves lifting with one’s legs when participating in weights or squats. The idea that it stops individuals from straining their lumbar spine is minimal. In fact, experts say that it’s crucial to lift with the core. Bracing the core throughout the entire exercise can significantly take pressure off of your spine.  

Hanging Upside Down Stops Spinal Pain  

Unfortunately, hanging upside down from a bar won’t relieve back pain. It may feel good for a few moments, but it isn’t a long-term solution. For example, a person who works on a computer often could, in theory, take breaks to hang upside down, but it’s not going to fix the effects of Tech Neck. Alternative solutions would be taking midday yoga classes and exercising frequently.

Avoid Activity if You Experience Lower Back Pain  

The truth is that nobody knows your body as well as you do. There’s a significant difference between the feeling of pulling a muscle and being sore from a sedentary lifestyle. While working out, if you feel that you’ve pulled or torn something, it’s best to stop in your tracks and assess the situation. However, if you’re experiencing lower back pain because of sitting too often, the contrary is true. Get out and exercise! Strengthening your core and body helps to relieve that pain, as it’s a sign that you’re putting too much pressure on your spine for support. 

At the Florida Pain Center, we see plenty of cases with numerous causes. Whether it’s working out, injury, disease, disorder, or Tech Neck, we can assist. We offer a handful of non-invasive procedures that can not only bring relief but also aid in long-term recovery. Life is too short to be experiencing every moment in pain. Call 954-447-5602 today to make an appointment and experience what it feels like to live pain-free. 

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How Can a Spine Specialist in Miramar Heal Without Being Invasive?

It seems strange to individuals with extensive pain that they can heal with a spine specialist in Miramar without undergoing surgery or spending extensive amounts of time recovering. Up until recently, the medical field was adamant about prescribing painkillers after undergoing invasive surgeries. Now science is showing that the human body does a pretty fantastic job at healing itself. At Florida Pain Center, we strive to help our patients recover in a way that benefits them most. Here are a few examples of non-invasive treatment options for spinal aches and pains. 

Spine Specialists in Miramar and Disc Injuries  

Disc injuries are common in individuals, especially during herniation or age. They can cause significant back pain, especially in the lower back. While surgery used to be the most popular option, alternative pathways are now available. IDET, or Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy, is a relatively new procedure that is performed on an outpatient bases. The patient is awake, and it only takes about an hour! 

Some individuals aren’t sure where their back pain is coming from. A discography or discogram can help diagnose the source of pain, pointing out whether one or two discs are causing the aches. After finding the source, our medical experts can help plan a treatment option tailored to the issue. Spinal cord stimulation or SCS also aids in relieving chronic pain. By using electrical impulses, this treatment prevents pain signals from being received. This is an ideal treatment option for those who have not found any other method to work.  

One of the most common procedures happening right now is Trigger Point Injections. Trigger points are small knots that form in the back from technology or stress. Patients can usually feel them during a massage or with a simple rub over the upper back. Trigger Point Injections are an outpatient procedure, and only take minutes. Patients sit comfortably, and our physician introduces a needle with a solution that helps the trigger point to relax. 

At Florida Pain Center, we understand that there are many different causes for back pain. When you visit our office, we won’t recommend just anything to get you started. We’ll take the time to assess your matter, professionally giving our guidance and expertise on what methods we think will be the most beneficial for you. If you’re ready to treat your aches and pains once and for all, call the Florida Pain Center today at 954-447-5206. Life is too short to live in agony. Instead, get your life back and function at optimal levels. Today is the day you say yes and decompress.  

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Heal Naturally with PRP in Miramar

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP, is helping those in Miramar and is becoming a new and exciting way to heal the body naturally. The medical field is quickly merging from harmful pharmaceuticals and invasive surgeries to treating the body from the inside out. Recent discoveries have shown how incredible the body is at repairing and replenishing. A great example is a paper cut. When your finger suffers that thin, painful slice, the cells instantly go to work to mend.

Understanding PRP in Miramar: How Does it Work?

Studies show that PRP helps significantly for patients with osteoarthritis in knees, hips, spines and more. It also aids in the repair of back and neck injuries or ligament sprains. When the body sustains an injury, its natural response is to send platelet cells to begin the restoration process. Platelet cells are rich in healing characteristics. Therefore, when medical experts introduce more cells to the same location, the recovery process is quicker and intensifies the restoration efforts.

The medical professional will take a small sample of blood and place it into a centrifuge. The centrifuge rotates at extreme speeds, which separates the platelet-rich blood cells from everything else. Then, those cells are injected with a needle near your injury. This is used for sore muscles or genuine tears. This is a minimal procedure, taking only one to two hours.

At Florida Pain Center, we see pains of all kinds, whether they stem from disease, conditions, or poor posture issues and injuries. In fact, more and more individuals are beginning to need pain management, and the tech age may be to blame. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to heal the body, using the body. If you’re suffering from aches and pains that are inhibiting your way of life, don’t hesitate to call the Florida Pain Center today. We’re a team that works to put people back on their feet while kicking pain to the curb. Call 954-447-5206 today, and experience healing the right way.

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Visit the Best Pain Management Doctor in Miramar

Like most of us, you’ve probably experienced low back pain at some point in your life. Studies say low back pain has impacted about 80% of us. Sometimes it’s temporary… lasting a day or two, perhaps even a week or two, eventually resolving on its own. But often times its chronic. Imagine a nagging, constant back pain that doesn’t go away.  But whether it’s temporary or on-going, you need help to cope with the pain. When looking for the most experienced pain management doctors in Miramar, visit Florida Pain Center. 

An Experienced Pain Management Doctor in Miramar Can Help Your Back Issues 

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the leading cause of disability, worldwide and is one of the most common reasons for missed work. Some of the everyday lifestyle issues that can cause you pain include: 

  • Slouching at your desk 
  • Lifting heavy objects 
  • Being overweight 
  • Not exercising 
  • Smoking 
  • Wearing high heels 


But back pain can also be caused by problems such as Herniated or slipped discs, spine or vertebral fractures, bulging discs, or degenerative disc disease – just to name a few. Because there are so many underlying causes of back pain, sometimes it can be hard to diagnose, but not for the experienced, board-certified doctors at Florida Pain Center.   

At the Florida Pain Center, we take a well-rounded approach to identify the source of your pain, taking a look at your history and recent activities or events that may have caused your issue.  And once we identify the source, we’ll discuss with you what we believe is the best way to target your pain. Our goal is to help you decrease your pain and enhance your performance – without surgery. 

We put you – the patient, first. When looking for the best pain management doctor in Miramar, visit the experienced pine specialists at Florida Pain Center. Call us at (954) 447-5206 and schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you! 

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Using Stem Cells in Miramar to Treat Chronic Pain

Stem cells in Miramar are a reasonably new treatment method to help with pain management. As of a decade ago, stem cells were more of a mythical idea. With new technology and treatment, the positive effects of stem cells are being seen. Stem cells are small seedlings that stay with a human since the time they are born. As people age, stem cells become harder to find. Stem cells are being saved for beauty purposes, but they’re also being used for disc repair and joint degeneration. At Florida Pain Center, we offer stem cell treatment to help those struggling with chronic pain. If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain, your quality of life has probably decreased. With stem cells in Miramar, you can get your life back.   

How Do Stem Cells in Miramar Work? 

It’s a fair question. The general understanding is that stem cells repair damaged areas in the body. An example would be a person who has chronic spinal pain. The stem cells are removed from the body and injected precisely into the aching area. The stem cells then help to naturally repair, without needing to undergo extensive surgery.  

More and more, medical professionals are finding ways to heal the body using the body. Does that sound confusing? Most people don’t know that the body is, by nature, a healer. If a person gets a cut, the body immediately begins to close the open wound. Within hours, the injury will have a new layer of skin. The same goes for internal bacteria. The use of stem cells to heal is revolutionary.  

At Florida Pain Center, we firmly believe in healing aches and pains non-invasively. Neck, back, and spinal pains are all clear signs from the body. Though some cases require surgery, the reality is that many injuries can be healed with stem cells, steroid injections, electro-waves, or other treatments. If you’re seeking relief from your back pain, stem cells in Miramar may be an area worth researching. Call Florida Pain Center today to speak to a spine specialist at 954-447-5602. We have a vast understanding of what certain symptoms mean, and what can be done to rejuvenate and eliminate pain. If you’re ready to start getting some answers to your discomfort, Florida Pain Center is prepared to help. 

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How Sitting Can Cause Spine Pain in Miramar

Back pain is the third most common cause of visiting the doctor in the United States. Unfortunately, only 30% of people get the help they need, according to American Family Physician. Back pain can make normal life taxing and uneasy. However, what many people don’t realize is that the multiple hours spent sitting could be the reason as to why your pain exists in the first place. At Florida Pain Center we help those who are suffering from all types of back pain. If you’re having issues with back and spine pain in Miramar, now is a great time to schedule an appointment.  

Correlations Between Sitting and Spine Pain in Miramar 

It seems silly to think that sitting down causes back pain, as one would assume that because there’s no evident pressure, it’s the least strenuous position! Posture has a lot to do with how the human body feels, and sitting can actually put a lot of stress in multiple different areas of your back. The neck, upper back, and lower back can all suffer from a sedentary lifestyle. 90% more pressure is placed on the back when sitting, as opposed to standing. Cornell University’s Department of Ergonomics came out with this study, and the statistic is mind-blowing. So many individuals sit down for long periods every day, especially with the age of technology continuing to grow, and Uber drivers taking over the transportation markets. 

Some of the top posture mistakes are movements the majority of people do every day. Posture is generally subconscious, but the pain is a way of telling the body that something isn’t right, or that something isn’t healthy. A few examples would be looking down at a phone or laptop. The average head weighs about ten pounds and pulling that weight forward puts a lot of tension on the neck and the upper spine. Leading forward, rolling the shoulders forward, pushing the elbows away from the body, and holding the phone to one’s ear are all injuries waiting to happen. 

Sitting too long is simply not natural. According to NASA’s Life Sciences Division, the body is meant to walk, run, move, adventure, and get out. When the human body is sitting, the muscles aren’t getting a lot of oxygen or nutrients. Researchers say the secret is to take small breaks every 30 minutes and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. In order to remove back pain, activities such as yoga, stretching, Pilates, massages, and visits with spine specialists are great options. Additionally, purchasing a standing desk can help a person burn calories and take away bodily stress. 

Unfortunately, pain can get excruciating, and not only because of poor posture. Bulging discs or injuries may also play a part. At the Florida Pain Center, we offer a plethora of non-invasive treatment procedures that can take as little as a few minutes! IDET, Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation, and Spinal Chord Stimulations are only a few of the many options we provide. If you feel like your spine pain in Miramar is getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Florida Pain Center at 954-447-5602. An unhealthy spine isn’t something to take lightly.  

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It’s Time to Visit a Spine Specialist in Miramar

Some back pain will resolve itself within a few days, but some back pain persists, hinting at the need for a spine specialist in Miramar. Back pain can stem from a handful of possibilities, including poor posture, disc troubles, or a variety of injuries. While most people assume that back pain is a regular part of life, pain in the body is never normal. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right. If you have aches that aren’t going away, it may be time to make an appointment at Florida Pain Center.  

Turn to a Spine Specialist in Miramar Instead of a Surgeon  

Surgery and pain medications should be the last resort for your back pain. Most aches are treatable with the help from a good spine specialist, especially facilities that offer a plethora of non-invasive procedures. When your pain is too much to bear, that’s when you know it’s time to seek professional help. Alternatively, you may need an expert if you’re experiencing numbness or tingling in your back or neck. Again, these behaviors within the body are not normal, and seeing a specialist can help get to the root of these issues. 

If your pain is putting limitations on your daily life, don’t think that it has to be that way forever. In fact, most people find significant relief in seeing a professional. Whether it’s a non-invasive procedure once a month or once a year, the natural healing components can bring peace and tranquility. Neck pain can also be a spinal issue. Do not ignore the signs, or allow them to get worse. At Florida Pain Center our trusted doctors are here to find you pain relief. 

The experts at Florida Pain Center have over 15 years of experience, and our specialists are double board certified and fellowship trained. With unparallel knowledge, it’s easy to see why so many Florida residents turn to Florida Pain Center for treatment and pain relief. Alongside their expertise, they provide their clients with many treatment options. They work to assess their patient’s symptoms to build a precise plan of action.  

If you’re experiencing severe pain, see a spine specialist in Miramar today. There’s no better time than now to experience the peace you’ve been craving. Find long-lasting relief at the Florida Pain Center. Schedule an appointment at 954-447-5206.   

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What are My Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment Options in Miramar?

If you’re struggling with back pain, you know that it can compromise your way of life. If you’re trying to decide if there are non-surgical back pain treatment options, you need to call Florida Pain Center. Thanks to modern technology and relentless research, medical experts are finding options for non-surgical back pain treatment in Miramar. Now, more than ever, there are a handful of progressive treatment courses that don’t involve harmful pharmaceuticals or invasive surgeries. Only decades ago, options for back pain included living with it or undergoing an operation that would leave the participant with weeks of downtime. Fortunately, in this day and age, your choices are much vaster.  

What are some Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment options for me? 

IDET, trigger point injections, and spinal chord stimulations are all amongst the most popular back pain treatment options today. IDET is short for Intradiscal Electrothermic Therapy. Though it is relatively new, it’s minimally invasive and is beneficial for patients suffering from disc-related back pain. As an outpatient option, patients lie awake during the hour-long procedure. IDET comes with a local anesthetic for discomfort, but otherwise, patients can experience relief in no time!  

Even shorter, trigger point injections take only minutes. Many individuals experience knots in their back. These knots are extremely painful and make the entire body feel tense and tight. Using a simple injection, those knots can release, and comfort is restored.  

Some people try several procedures and are unable to get the peace they’re looking for. Spinal chord simulations target those individuals. SCS sends electrical impulses to the back, and according to experts, the pulses help detour pain signals. Pain signals that are not transmitted to the brain give the patient moments of pain relief.  

If you’re experiencing terrible back pains, refrain from turning to painkillers or surgery. Instead, allow the experts at Florida Pain Center to give you a new, pain-free life. Relief is closer than you may have imagined, and you can trust their 15 years of experience. Their medical professionals will assess your back pain, and provide you with their top recommendation of non-surgical back pain treatment in Miramar. Live your life without the constant back pain you’ve been suffering from. Schedule an appointment with the Florida Pain Center. Call 954-447-5206 to get your life back.  

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