Treating Back Pain with Adult Stem Cells in Miramar

Spine Pain Miramar FL

Treating Back Pain with Adult Stem Cells in Miramar

As one of Broward County’s southernmost cities, Miramar is actually one of the largest Florida cities in terms of geographical space. But, thanks to the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan adopted in 1972, the city’s growth is guided and controlled to the benefit of the residents. With a growing number of residents living in the city, many people are starting to seek treatment for their back pain. At Florida Pain Center, we know that adult stem cells in Miramar offer the potential for considerably successful back pain treatments. If you’re dealing with back pain, it’s time to call our team at Florida Pain Center to discover your best solutions.

How can you treat back pain with stem cells in Miramar?

Back pain can be caused by many issues within the spine. Degenerative discs, issues with nerves and other conditions can result in pain throughout your spine. This pain can even radiate throughout the body, causing issues in the extremities as well. At Florida Pain Center, we know that treating back pain starts with a nonsurgical approach.

We can use adult stem cells in Miramar, your own stem cells, to help heal your spine. The cells are harvested from your body, typically from the hip area through a small shot. The cells are separated in a centrifuge. Once we have your stem cells in Miramar, we can inject them into the affected areas. Then, the cells can go to work! Stem cells have been incredibly successful in repairing issues with discs, nerves and other aspects of the spine.

Do stem cells in Miramar heal my spine naturally?

Many people with back pain are concerned with finding the most natural procedures possible. At Florida Pain Center, we’re here to help with treatment involving adult stem cells in Miramar. By using your own stem cells to heal your spinal issues, you’re counting on truly natural solutions! Stem cells are essentially like clay, they can be molded to fit the environment around them. When used in the discs, they’ll mold into disc tissue, helping to repair degenerative conditions. The same applies to many other aspects of your spine.

How can I get started?

Are you ready to treat your back pain, naturally? It starts by contacting our team at Florida Pain Center. We offer a variety of approaches to treating spinal issues, such as stem cells in Miramar. Surgery is not always the answer to back, neck and lower back pain in Miramar, FL. Let our team at Florida Pain Center help solve your issues with noninvasive solutions. Call (954) 447-5206 to get started!

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