Get Treatment for Neck Pain in Miramar

Neck pains are unfortunately common, leaving many people certain that these types of aches are simply part of life. At the Florida Pain Center, we disagree. Our specialized staff works tirelessly to be sure that your pain gets dissolved, allowing you to live a better, more comfortable life. We also believe that surgery is not always the answer. Many individuals think that this is their only option if the pain is bad enough, however, with our multiple different treatments; you’ll experience what healing can feel like without the intense aftermath of a very invasive and time-consuming surgical procedure. It is also important to understand that neck pain often stems from a person’s spine, sending pain signals all throughout that same area.

There are multiple treatments the Florida Pain Center offers. Here are a few:

Facet Joint Injections

This is an injection that can help determine if this area, connected to your vertebrae, is in fact the culprit for your chronic neck pain. If so, the injection helps relieve the aches, and lowers any inflammation you may have.

Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation

As minimally invasive procedure done with local anesthetic, this treatment won’t leave you with too much downtime. Essentially, this procedure helps interfere with medical branch nerves, which are responsible for sending out pain signals to the facet joints.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Otherwise known as PRP, this technologically advanced procedure allows our team to collect platelet cells from our patient’s blood. Then, these are re-introduced into the area where the chronic pain is most severe. Our bodies are usually our best healers, meaning that using our bodies to relieve our bodies is a preferable treatment form. Essentially, the doctor will take the blood and put it into a machine that rotates very, very quickly. This then allows for the cells to be categorized and separated, which means that we only use your most platelet-rich blood into your area of pain.

Trigger Point Injections

Many of us have suffered from small knots in our upper backs, and in our necks. With a small outpatient procedure, taking only a few minutes, Trigger Point Injections can help relieve those soft tissues, giving you an entirely new perspective on your day.

At Florida Pain Center, we understand how uncomfortable and limiting neck pain can be. We know that it can feel as though your whole day is an uphill battle, especially if you find yourself at a desk job. Desk jobs can be strenuous on your back and shoulders, sending extra tension to your neck. Whether you’ve been in an accident, or are feeling the wear and tear of stress, come and see what we can do for you. With over 15 years of experience, we know how to help. Call today and take care of neck pain in Miramar!

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