5 Options for Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment in Miramar

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5 Options for Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment in Miramar

For those Americans who suffer from severe back pain, surgery is not always the answer. In fact, surgery is almost always not preferred. Though, many individuals didn’t know that there were other options available, until now. At Florida Pain Center, we offer a plethora of efficient non-surgical back pain treatments in Miramar. With cutting-edge technology and a number of satisfied patients, it’s easy to see why we’re one of South Florida’s top choices for back pain relief and recovery.

At Florida Pain Center, we offer multiple treatment options. The issue with more traditional procedures such as surgery, is that the downtime required to recover is extensive. Sometimes, patients could be recovering for weeks! With our state of the art technology, we can help people heal quicker, allowing them to get back to their lives sooner. Here are a few non-surgical back pain treatment options:

This simple steroid injection is placed into the lower back to help reduce inflammation. This allows the area in pain to relax, and be freed of unnecessary pain.

Many individuals in this day and age suffer from knots and strained muscles. Many of us have desk jobs, leaving our necks and backs to develop tense, and painful clumps of tissue. Trigger Point Injections help relieve those painful areas, allowing patients to relax and decompress.

Many people suffer from disc pains. Luckily, this radiofrequency option will help alleviate those aches, giving peace like never before.

For those with incredibly severe pains, this option helps disrupt pain signals being sent to the brain, interfering with the media branch nerves. This then helps patients to feel a sense of peace during the time that those pain signals are being stopped.

This is another option that helps with disrupting pain signals. However, instead of radiofrequency, this option looks to electro-impulses.

At Florida Pain Center, we have over fifteen years of experience, and we know exactly what to look for. With professionals on your side, we can assist in choosing an option that will have the best outcome for you and your pain. If you’re looking into options for non-surgical back pain treatment in Miramar, please come and see us. There’s no need to go through life limited by the presence of pain. With a short procedure and minimal recovery time, you’ll see why Florida Pain Center is one of South Florida’s favorites.

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