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Ways to Get Rid of Neck Pain in Miramar

If you feel exhausted at the end of each day, you are not alone. If your neck constantly hurts and you have frequent headaches, your posture could be to blame. The way you position your head may be the cause of your neck pain in Miramar.

Let Florida Pain Center Help with Your Neck Pain in Miramar

When you head is properly positioned, the opening to your ear is centered above your shoulder. If you lean down to look at your phone, a computer monitor, or something else, chances are your posture is out of line. For every inch that your head is tilted off center, extra unnecessary weight is exerted on the muscles in your neck and upper back, making them work harder just to keep your head up!

Unfortunately, this is common with many of today’s habits and hobbies. Professionals slumped over their computers all day, cradling the phone between their ear and shoulder, children playing video games and watching television, and driving in the car for long periods of time can all cause forward head posture. Without treatment, this condition can cause disc compression and poor health.

Try the following to reduce neck pain:

  • Get up and stretch every hour if you sit at a desk during the day
  • Limit the amount of time watching television or playing video games
  • Sit up straight with your head in an upright position

If you’re concerned about your posture and you, have back or neck pain in Miramar, contact the spine specialists at Florida Pain Center. We understand the importance of seeking noninvasive spine procedures before other options. Our professionals will help reduce or eliminate your pain, using the latest technology to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient. Call us at (954) 447-5206 to schedule an appointment today for non-invasive treatment.

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How to Heal Severe Back Pain in Miramar

Back pain can be moderate to chronic, but it can stop us from living our best lives. Thankfully, there are relieving options available that are both non-invasive and easy to recover from. At Florida Pain Center, we understand how frustrating it can be to be plagued with severe back pain in Miramar, which is why we offer advanced medical options for those looking for fast and efficient solutions.

Four Non-Invasive Procedures For Back Pain In Miramar

Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET) is a relatively new treatment that can help treat spinal disc pain in the lower back. Disc fractures, disc diseases, and disc herniation are all causes of severe back pain. This is an outpatient procedure and usually takes up to about an hour.

Radio-Frequency Nerve Ablation
Damaged facet joints are also a typical cause of back pain. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia and helps to block medical branch nerves from sending pain signals out. This then helps disrupt the flow of excruciating pain, giving a bit of relief.

This procedure includes the use of a small needle and radio frequencies to reduce the pain of herniated discs. This procedure is also outpatient based and uses local anesthesia.

Lumbar Sympathetic Block
This steroid base is injected into the spine and can help relieve inflammation and swelling of the lower back.

What Makes Florida Pain Center Equipped To Handle My Back Pain In Miramar?

Florida Pain Center offers over a decade of experience. For more than 15 years, our double board certified and fellowship trained spine specialists are available to assist the South Florida community with their excruciating back pain. Many individuals turn to harmful pharmaceuticals and invasive surgeries, which can cause more health issues down the road. As an alternative, the advanced medical professionals at Florida Pain Center offer other options. If you’ve been searching for a cure for your back pain in Miramar, consider making an appointment today! You don’t have to suffer through life with such discomfort. Instead, reach out to our team of experts today and see how we can facilitate a pain-free and joyous life.

Radio frequency nerve ablation

Using PRP In Miramar to Heal Back Pain

Many famous athletes including Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez and several others have used platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to heal and regenerate damaged tissue. PRP has gone mainstream because it accelerates the healing process. PRP in Miramar is gaining in popularity.

How Does PRP In Miramar Work?

A small amount of blood is drawn from a patient for PRP therapy. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge and spun until it separates into its component parts. Doctors then remove the platelets and inject them back into the patient at the point of injury, peppering the surrounding area with injections for maximum efficacy. The growth factors in platelets speed the healing process. PRP takes about an hour and is done in one of our convenient locations.

At Florida Pain Center, we strive to give our clients options that avoid surgical and medicinal avenues. Certified in pain management and Anesthesiology, we’re one of Florida’s top choices for healing naturally.

Why Choose PRP In Miramar?

Surgery has a number of potential risks and side effects. At Florida Pain Center, we offer a solution that helps the body to heal naturally, giving our patients the chance to get back on their feet as soon as possible, without the side effects of a surgical procedure. Each patient is different, which means that it may take one injection, or it may take multiple doses. Regardless, the recovery phase is far less dramatic, and the effectiveness is unparalleled.

Why Should I Choose Florida Pain Center For My PRP In Miramar?

At Florida Pain Center, we have more than fifteen years of experience. We’re a team of double board certified and fellowship trained spine specialists. With such expertise, we’re one of South Florida’s most trusted pain healing centers. If you or your loved one is suffering from the effects of severe back or neck pain, PRP in Miramar may be the best option for you. Call Florida Pain Center today, and we can find an option that heals your pain the right way.

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Learn More about Non-Invasive Spine Procedures in Miramar

Surgery is generally the last desire on anybody’s list; yet so many individuals think that when they suffer from spine injuries or pains, surgery is the only option. At Florida Pain Centers, we offer a vast variety of treatment options to help you treat your chronic aches and pains, without the severe discomforts that can come with surgical procedures. Surgery can be extremely invasive, leaving you out of commission for more than a few days. Surgery can also come with pain while healing, which can be frustrating for those who simply want their hurts to heal. If you’re interested in noninvasive spine procedures in Miramar, perhaps these next few options will be a better solution for your needs.

At Florida Pain Center, our specialists with over 15 years experience know how serious these issues must be taken, as your spine is the core connector within your body. It breathes life into multiple areas, and if something is not going well with your spine, it may only cause other issues in the future. Our skilled team understands that each and every individual is different. We work together with our patients to see what procedure would work best with their current situation. By getting to know your needs, we can provide you with the best outcome possible.

As mentioned, we offer many procedures for spinal issues that assist in different areas. For example, a strained muscle may be dealt with differently than somebody with a pinched nerve. Here is a small look at the types of treatments available:

Caudal Steroid Injections
Epidural Steroid Injections
Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection
Trigger Point Injections
Facet Joint Injections
Spinal Chord Stimulations
Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

We also offer options such as stem cells. Stem cells actually help your body heal by using nature. A great example of this would be that of a patient who is suffering form degenerative disc disease. The cells are injected into the area that is in pain, then these cells begin to repair any damaged areas.
A pain-free life may feel unattainable, but with the right team and people you can trust, Florida Pain Center can help you heal using noninvasive treatment options. There’s no need to worry about extensive recovery or additional pain. If you’re looking for noninvasive spinal procedures in Miramar, look no further. Allow us to show you what life without aches can be like, and how much more joyous each day can be.

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